FirstMobile is the official mobile banking smartphone app from FirstBank (Nigeria’s biggest bank).This app allows you perform several banking transactions conveniently without the stress of going to a local bank branch. You can recharge airtime or data, pay utility bills, check account statements, transfer funds and view your balance.

The app also has some unique and exciting features such as:

  1. Card-in-control functionality. This empowers customers to be in charge of their own accounts and also prevents unauthorized card use. To enable or disable this feature, just go to the card management service under the self-service menu on the app
  2. The Quick Response payment code. This allows customers to pay for goods and services online by using their phone cameras to scan a QR code. The payment will be deducted from the customer’s account and go straight into the merchant’s account and both parties will get real time notification once it is done
  3. Transaction receipt feature. This enables customers to generate receipts after a transaction on the FirstMobile app.


How To Get started

  1. Download the app from your phone’s appstore.
  2. Register by filling the spaces provided with appropriate details.
  3. Enter your Verve/Masters card and password.
  4. You will receive an OTP via SMS so that you can link your phone number with that bank account.
  5. Enter the OTP code and input a 5- digits code that will be your login password.
  6. Select two security questions and answer them.
  7. Create a personalized 4- digits transaction pin to help you confirm your transaction.
  8. Click done to complete your transaction.



Different Funds Transfer Modes On The Platform

Domestic Funds Transfer

  1. Open the app and login
  2. Select money transfer from the drop down menu on the right corner of the mobile screen
  3. Now, select the account you are transferring from
  4. Enter the account details such as account number and amount to be transferred
  5. Wait for the confirmation message to ensure the success of your transaction


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How To Transfer Money Abroad Or To A Foreign Account

This can be done through Western Union Money Transfer, Transfast, MoneyGram and RiaMoney. To send and receive funds abroad, Western Union is the best option available.

  1. Open the app and login
  2. Click money transfer and select Western Union
  3. Fill the form by entering your name, address, country, receiver’s name and country, amount to transfer, account number and your phone number
  4. Present an acceptable means of identification (Could be National ID card, permanent voters card, driver’s license, BVN slip or international passport)
  5. Answer the test question asked
  6. You will be given the Money Transfer Control Number which you must send to the receiver along with your name, amount sent and the country you sent it from
  7. Funds will be transferred once you complete your transaction



The Western Union charges from P500 (Philippine peso) and above depending on funds transferred.

Examples:  1-10,000PHP = 500PHP

10,001-100,000 =750PHP

100,000- above = 1,100PHP



  1. Receivers do not pay any fees
  2. Fast, safe and reliable
  3. Send money anytime anywhere without stress or hassle.


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