Verve mobile app is an application built to enable verve card users to be able to carry out transactions from the bank account linked to the verve card. The app grants access to the linked bank account and an easier transaction part without any third party involvement, just you and your bank account.


The verve mobile app helps you to use your verve cards on your mobile device without visiting the ATM machines. Once your phone is with you on good internet connection, you can transfer funds, top up your lines, recharge other people’s lines, checks management as well as loan management.


To use the verve mobile app, you will need a supported mobile device, the installed verve mobile app and internet data connection. Once you have these requirements, you can proceed to use the app and save yourself the stress of going to bank or ATM spots to carry out transactions. Its that simple!



Features Of The Verve Mobile App

The verve mobile app has a number of features that makes it worth using in today’s banking transactions. Here are some of the great features;

  1. It offers access to one’s bank account at anytime anywhere
  2. It offers the ability to manage one’s account by which you can carry out transactions such as transfer money, checking of balances, viewing of cleared checks and viewing of loans.
  3. Ability to view ATM networks and check ATM close to you.
  4. The app affords you the ability to deposit your check
  5. It also offers the hours and directions to verve locations
  6. Ability to make bill payment and airtime recharge for all networks.


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How To Download Verve Mobile App

The verve mobile app can be downloaded via a number of places such as the Google play store, App store and on the verve website. To download the app, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile device, launch your app store or your browser
  2. If on your browser, log on to or search for the verve mobile app in your launched app store
  3. From the search results, install the app and if on your browser simply click on the app store that your phone uses and install the app.
  4. Launch the app and register for an account



Verve Mobile App Uses

The Verve Mobile App can be used once installed and  registered. Launch the app and login into your account. To sign up for mobile deposit, tab on the menu and select the deposit option, click on sign up for account. Choose a username and password and you will get an email alert for registration. For airtime top, simply select airtime recharge from the app menu, select amount and input the mobile number to be credited. For fund transfer, select the transfer option and provide account or card details with the amount, input your PIN and transfer is done.


If you have any enquiry or issues to make known to verve, you may forward your email to or simply log on to to input your enquiry or issues.


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