The Airtel 10 times recharge also known as airtel smart recharge is a prepaid line offer which offers airtimes and data bonuses that can be used for both voice calls and internet access. It can also be used for local calls and SMS both on net and off net hours. It can only be accessed through recharge using a special recharge code. This airtime bonus comes with a validity period although it can be accessed multiple times with each time extending the validity. All active prepaid lines are eligible for this offer.


How It works

Please note that you must recharge with the unique code *220*Recharge pin# on airtel prepaid line to get this offer. With the airtel smartrecharge bonus, your calls would be charged at 50kobo per second and your internet browsing sections will be charged at #20/megabyte. Also note that you cannot use recharge bonus after it expires or its validity period has elapsed but you can recharge before the current one expires so that the data and voice bonus will be rolled over to the new recharge and new expiry date respectively.



  1. It gives you ten times value of your airtime when you recharge your line using the special recharge code. It is open for all airtel subscribers both new and existing customers and the more you recharge using the code the more the bonuses.
  2. Smartrecharge gives you extra data value on #500 and #1000 recharges.
  3. It is convenient, fast and you get unconstrained connection to your friends, family and loved ones.




– Recharge your line by dialing *220*Recharge pin# then send. If you recharge using the normal code *126*pin you don’t get the smartrecharge so make sure you recharge using the designated code

– Check your balance by dialing *123# Note that what you see will be SmartRecharge and not the normal recharge


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Recharge denomination.   #100.     #200.      #500.      #1000

Value for calls received.    #500.     #1000.    #2000.    #2500

Value for data usage.         #500.    #1000.     #3000.    #7500

Total ten times value.       #1000.   #2000.      #5000.   #10000

Plus extra data value.        None.   None.       #3000.    #7500

Total Smartrecharge.       #1000.   #2000     #8000      #17500

Validity Period.                 3 days.    7 days.  14 days.   14 days

Is It Worth It?

Now that is a question i can not boldly answer, you ask me why well lets do the maths. Lets assume two different subscribers recharge their lines with #200, Lets call one Ade and the other Ola, If Ade recharges #200 using the normal *126# code he will be charged 11 kobo per second making it #6.6/ minute. His data will also be charged at #10/ megabyte so ideally he gets about 30 minutes  for voice calls only for yhe amount he recharged and probably 20 megabytes of data for  the same price. Ola on the other hand recharges using the smartrecharge code and is charged 50kobo/ second for voice call making it #30/ minute and his data will be charged at #20/ megabyte. Remember he gets extra #2000 for his ten times recharge #1000 for calls and #1000 for data valid for 7days. At this rate he gets about 35 minutes for voice calls at 50kobo/ second and data volume of 50 megabytes more than double if he recharges normally. Now you see the difference, smartrecharege offers you more valie for your money and double data volime compared to the normal recharge or pay ad you go browsing .


What Do I Do Now?

Why waste time? Migrate now to the airtel smartrecharge by dialing *220*recharge pin# to start enjoying all these benefits.


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