Dayo is a small town entrepreneur with his own printing business, he doesn’t have a smartphone because he sees no need for one and performs all his online transactions , receives and sends emails and downloads with his laptop computer which he takes to the cyber cafe two or three times a week. Now he prefers this method because he cannot afford the monthly plan since he is not online or browsing all day neither does he possess a smartphone which he can use to chat on mingle on social media. But there lies a problem, he learns that networks have several plans suitable for his daily internet needs and wants to select the appropriate one for his need.


MTN browsing is one of the fastest and cheapest available. MTN currently charges 5 kobo per kilobyte for pay as you go browsing and as this is quite expensive for most users, it is better to migrate to an internet plan using an internet browsing code as they offer more value for money. MTN offers several data bundles depending on your need and how much you can afford. The daily plan is the cheapest and most accessible package as it offers you unlimited twenty four hours internet service compatible with any device be it smartphone, BlackBerry or computer.


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MTN 24 Hours Daily Data Plan

This is an Internet browsing bundle that allows subscribers to pay daily for either 50MB or 150MB bulk internet access. You pay for this service any day you want to browse the internet. Just pay #100 or #200 any day you need the service  and you will get 24 hours internet browsing access from MTN limited. This plan is appealing and convenient to customers like Dayo who currently spend a couple of hours a week browsing the internet in cyber cafes especially if they already have a computer. It is a very good plan and is available for MTN prepaid users only.


How It Works

  1. 50MB for #100- Dial *104# or text “104” to 131 to subscribe.You get 50MB of data which is valid for 24 hours only.
  2. 150MB for #200- Dial *113# or text “113” to 131 to subscribe. You get 150MB of data valid for 24 hours only.


Benefits Of This Plan

  1. It is fast and convenient
  2. It is affordable and easy on the pocket
  3. It is cleaner and offers a lot more value for money
  4. It works in all devices, BlackBerry, android phones, Iphone,laptops you name it.
  5. It is available irrespective of your package or tariff plan

To check balance, just dial *131*4# to check your data balance


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