Airtel Nigeria have been known as the largest and widest network, covering and providing a reliable and robust network coverage of about 3.75G in the country; this coverage (3.75G) offers the highest network mobile speed internet in the country (Nigeria). It is also the first Telecommunication to complete Long Term Evolution (LTE) and also the first introduce High Definition (HD) Voice Service.

Airtel-Nigeria network have just introduced not just another reliable network coverage, but also a super-fast one with a better data network-enhancing quality. This network coverage is known as AIRTEL 4G.


What Is AIRTEL 4G?

Airtel 4G which stand for the 4th Generation of Telecommunication Technology; is also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). This new network coverage provides and it also delivers a Very-High Data Speed whose service can be enjoyed on HDVideo Streaming, Online gaming, Video and Voice Calls, Super-fast Downloading and much more.



How To Get On Airtel 4G

Airtel 4G network can be obtained through the following steps


  1. Upgrading of the already existing Airtel SIM Cards from 3G to 4G or,
  • Getting of a new Airtel 4G Sim Card; available in any of the Airtel Store or;
  • By Users sending the number (20-digit number) behind the new SIM Card to 121 prefixing SIM, and selecting number 1 to confirm, after which the service on the existing SIM will be stopped for the new SIM to take up after inserting into the phone.


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2. New Internet Settings will be sent

  • AIRTEL 4G service is ready to be use

(An SMS could also be sent from the network server for users to opt-in for the new network service.)



Customers/Users using Dongle or Mifi are advice to get a new 4G enabled device, while Users with enabled device should upgrade the phone to a 4G phone in a phone store

(Note: Dial*121# and select 4G service to check if the mobile device has been enabled.)    



       I.            Go to the settings of the mobile device        I.            Tap on App from the home screen


    II.            Scroll to the Notification, Click on it and Tap on General     II.            Go to the settings of the mobile device
 III.            Click on the Software Update  III.            Click on the Software Update from the System section
 IV.            Download and Install Update following the prompt; if Update is available  IV.            Click on update
      V.            Install Update by following the prompt, if  System Update is available




1.  Go to the settings of the mobile device 1. Tap on App from the home screen
2.  Click on Cellular 2. Go to the settings of the mobile device
3.  Turn the 4G connection on by clicking on the LTE switch 3. On the connection tab, click or tap on More Networks opt
  4. Click on the Mobile Network
  5. Click on the Network mode
  6. On the preferred option, select LTE/CDMA auto-enables 4GLTE
  7. Click/tap OK to apply the new settings
  8. Allow device to reboot


Reference to coverage map for the available Airtel 4G locations should be done.

Note: Available States for Airtel 4G network coverage are: Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Delta, Rivers, Nassarawa and Rivers.


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  1. I am hearing a rumour that if you are using 4g SIM, you get double your data plan. How true is this?

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