Airtel Nigeria is one of the largest and major telecommunications network provider in Nigeria. Airtel is also the first telco to complete Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial in Lagos and also the first to introduce High Definition (HD) voice service. The network is known for its excellent and quality voice and data bonuses.

One of the Network’s unique way of rewarding its customers is with a staggering 600% extra airtime bonus on every recharge made. Let’s learn more about this offer.



Airtel 600% Bonus Credit (Airtel Brekete)

This bonus is available for all New Airtel Prepaid subscribers irrespective of your SIM type. The network provides #600 bonus on every recharge of #100, #1200 bonus on #200 recharge and so on. The bonus is valid for 7 days. The bonus can be used to call all National networks and also for data. The bonus can also be rolled over if you recharge even before the current bonus expires. Here’s the full breakdown of the benefits and bonuses

  1. #100 Recharge gives you #600 for voice calls to all networks
  2. #200 Recharge gives you #1200 for voice and data.
  3. #300 Recharge gives you #1800 for calls to all networks plus data
  4. #500 Recharge gives you #3000 for calls and data
  5. #1000 Recharge gives you #6000 for calls and data


How Do I Get This Bonus

First load and recharge your phone then dial *235*Amount recharge# to get your bonus airtime. Example A recharge of #200 goes thus: *235*200# and you get #1200. You can also get the bonus when you recharge with *555*PIN#, to check your bonus balance, simply dial *123#.


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How It works

The Airtel 6x bonus or Airtel Brekete as it is popularly called charges #40/minute for off-net calls, #8 for text messages and 3kobo per kilobyte for data.


Other Extra Cheap Airtel Plans

  1. Airtel Smart Recharge: This is a plan that offers airtime and data bonuses that can be used for both calls and data. It is available to all active prepaid subscribers. To get the bonuses, simply recharge with *220* Recharge pin# on your airtel line. Calls are charged at the rate of #30/minute and data for #20 per megabyte. The plan can also be autorenewed and the left over bonuses rolled over if you recharge before the current one expires.
  2. Airtels Talkmore Bonus: This plan is available for new prepaid subscribers only. The plan offers 8times the value of every recharge when you recharge with *234*amount#.
  3. Airtel SmartTrybe: This plan offers affordable call tariffs and data rates. Calls are charged at 11kobo/ second to all National networks. Data can be purchased for midnight browsing valid from 12 am- 5 pm at the rate of #25 for 500MB and #200 for 1.5GB.
  4. SmartPremier: This plan also offers 11kobo/second call rates to all networks in Nigeria and data bonus in every recharge. To subscribe or migrate to this plan, simply dial *318#.


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