So you have a huge Glo data and you probably don’t know what to do with it, because of the ridiculously large amount of data allocated by Glo for cheap prices. How about this? Why don’t you try sharing the data with your friends, family or that really special someone in your life. We could have suggested that you should try reselling the data, but because of how cheap Glo data is, people prefer buying it directly than buying from resellers, so that’s out of the question.


How To Share Data on Glo Network

There are 3 various ways of sharing data on Glo which are:

  1. 127 USSD Code
  2. Online
  3. 777 USSD Code.


1. 127 USSD Code or SMS

This method is quite simple and straight forward. All you have to do is know the phone you wish to send it to and the amount of data you wish to transfer. You can do this through the USSD code or via text.

To share:

You’ll have to add the or persons to your sharing list by dialing “*127*01*[The person’s number]”. For example: *127*01*08050000000#


Or send

“Share [the person’s number]# to 127. For example: Share 08050000000  to 127.


You can add as much people as you want to your sharing list.


  • To REMOVE people from sharing: dial *127*02*[the person’s number]#. For example: Dial *127*02*08050000000#


Or Send

“Remove [friend’s number]” to 127. For example: Remove 08050000000  to 127.


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  • To view the list of people sharing your subscription, dial *127*00#.

or Send “List” to 127.


  1. Online:

This method is also simple and straight forward. This is done through Glo’s HSI Self care portal for Glo subscribers to manage their data subscription, share data, check their balance, subscribe for data and amongst many other things.

To Share Your Data Subscription:

Simply go to


Right below your data balance, you’ll see the share data button, click on it. On the new page, input the phone number you wish to share your data with and send.


  1.  777 USSD Code

    This method is a little bit more complicated than the rest, because of the number of USSD Menus you’ll have to navigate through.

    Step 1: Dial *777#


    Step 2: On the first USSD Menu, select the kind of subscription you are on, whether 3G Data Services or 4G LTE Data Services.

    Step 3: After you must have selected the type of subscription you’re on, on the next menu, select 3(Share data) and press send.


    Step 4: On the next menu, select 1 (Share) and press send.


    Step 5: On the next menu, input the phone number you want to share data with and press send. Viola you have successfully shared your data, that wasn’t all that complicated, right?




  1. Can I share data with someone using another network like Airtel or 9mobile

    1. No, You can only share within the same network.

  2. Can the people I share data with know about the websites I visit?

  3. When someone shares his data with me, does he (as a result) know about the websites I visit?

  4. Can comtrol data usage when sharing data?

  5. how can I check the data balance when am sharing data

  6. I have data on my 3g sim, can I share the 3g data to 4g sim???

  7. please can I still make subscriptions on night browsing when using a sheared data?

    1. Sorry you can only have one active plan running at a time

  8. But why if want to add my sharing number to share list it always give me the complain that PAYU can not… Then which plan is now working with Share data.

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