Airtel is one of the most used network in Nigeria when it comes to internet connectivity. The network has divers data plans created to suit the need of customers at various social and economic class. In fact, in one of her recent commercials, she prided herself as the “smartphone network” owning to availability of divers data plans for smartphone users.


Airtel data plans comes in different sizes (from 30MB to unlimited gigs), accesses (social plans and normal plans) and validity (from 24hrs to 3 months validity). The network has got you covered irrespective of your choice or availability. We shall take a close look at the different plans available.


Daily Plan

Data: 30MB

Price: N100

Activation code: *410#



Three (3) Days Plan

Data: 50MB

Price: N300

Activation code: *412#


Seven (7) Days Plan

Data: 350MB

Price: N300

Activation code: *417#

Fourteen (14) Days Plan

Data: 750MB

Price: N500

Activation code: *418#


Thirty (30) Days Plan

Data: 1.5GB

Price: N1,000

Activation code: *496#

Data: 3.5GB

Price: N2,000

Activation code: *437#

Data: 5GB

Price: N2,500

Activation code: *437*1#

Data: 7GB

Price: N3,500

Activation code: *438#

Data: 9GB

Price: N4,000

Activation code: *438*1#

Data: 12GB

Price: N5,000

Activation code: *452#

Data: 24GB

Price: N8,000

Activation code: *460#

Data: 34GB

Price: N10,000

Activation code: *462#


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One Hundred and Eighty (180) Days Plan

Data: 50GB

Price: N36,000

Activation code: *406#

Three Hundred And Sixty Five (365) Days Plan

Data: 100GB

Price: N70,000

Activation code: *407#

Data: 200GB

Price: N136,000

Activation code: *408#


Night Plans

These plans are accessible on smart trybe tariff plan. You will need to be on this tariff plan first before you can enjoy these plans. Dial *312*1# to migrate.

There three (3) night plans available. There is N25 access between 12am and 5am for 500MB and N200 for 1.5GB usable within the same time frame. There is also N500 for 1.5GB valid for seven (7) days. Simply dial *312# and select your choice from the list in the prompt.


Data: Unlimited (Usable for 3hrs)

Price: N1000

Activation code: *481*2#

Time: 12am – 5am



The Social Plans

Opera Mini Plan

Data: 250MB

Price: N300

Activation code: *885*1#

Validity: 30 days



WTF (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook) Plan

Data: 80MB

Price: N200

Activation code: *990#

Whatsapp Plan

Validity: 30 days

Data: Unlimited

Price: N100

Activation code: *948#


Time Based Plan

Data: Unlimited

Time: 30 minutes

Price: N300

Activation code: *439*3#

Data: Unlimited

Time: 60 minutes

Price: N500

Activation code: *439*4#


Weekend Plan

Usable: between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday

Data: 200MB

Price: N200

Activation code: *472#

Data: 500MB

Price: N500

Activation code: *473#


To check your data balance, please dial *140#. If you have any enquiry or issue with subscription, please call customer care on 111. You can as well dial *121# or *141# and select data plan option from the prompt to check and subscribe to available data plans on Airtel.


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