Airtel Family And Friend: How To Migrate With Codes And The Benefits

In a bid to make people spend less to frequently dialled numbers, Airtel offers a product by which you can put all your frequently dialled numbers in a list and then enjoy a discount each time you call these numbers. This is called Airtel Family and Friends.


Airtel Family and Friends is a  tariff service on which discounted call charges are made available for registered Airtel numbers. This service is available to all Airtel Prepaid customers. The service was created to enable subscribers get closer to their loved ones. So if you have frequently called Airtel numbers whether that of your Father, Mother, Child, Colleagues or Boss you don’t need to pay the regular call charges when you call them, simply get them registered on Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) list and you can start to enjoy discount each time you call them. That means more talk time with them.


How The Service Works

On this Family and Friends service, you have the opportunity of registering 5 Airtel numbers. You can delete a number and add another if you wish. The first 5 numbers you register will be done at no cost but subsequent registration will cost N50.

To add a number on the FAF list, kindly dial *141*2*NUMBER# That is, if the number you want to register is 08023456789, then dial *141*2*08023456789# and the number will be registered.

To delete or remove a number from the FAF list, please dial *141*3*NUMBER# That is, if you want to remove 08023456789 from the FAF list, you will then dial  *141*3*08023456789# and the number will be successfully removed.

To view the entire FAF list of all registered numbers, simply dial *141*5#


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Call Charges For Family And Friends List

Note that it is call charges that are emphasized because there is no discount on SMS sent to these numbers. Also, note that the charges for these the FAF list is the same irrespective of the tariff plan you are on.


Below Are The FAF List Call Charges

During the Peak Periods which is between 6am and 9:59pm, calls made to Family and Friends numbers will be charged at the rate of 25 Kobo per second.

During the Off Peak Periods which is between 10pm and 5:59pm, calls to Family and Friends number will charged at the rate of 21 Kobo per second.


With this, you can have more talk time with you loved ones irrespective of the tariff plan you are on. Please note that the service is only available to prepaid customers on Airtel network.

For further enquiry on this service or any other Airtel service, please contact Airtel customer care agent on 111. The call is free from any Airtel lines. Or you may visit any Airtel office that is close to you.


  1. Have tried they both code. *141*2#,and *131*2#.USSD is not recognize…. Definitely they don’t want us to benefit the bonus…. Most we call call center before add a number..

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