The Express WiFi app is an application recently built and released by the Facebook Inc. The application helps its users to search and locate any local business owner who deals in the operation of WiFi hotspots in their various locality. After thus business owners has been found, the users of this app can now buy or purchase internet connection from the business owners at cheap and affordable prices. This local business owners are termed as the “WiFi Zones”. The users of thus app can only find those WiFi zones in their vicinity.


When the users of this express WiFi application purchase internet connection from this local business owners usually called the WiFi zones, the users or buyers can access the Internet without having their mobile network switched on. This connection bought from the WiFi zones are always fast, affordable and reliable unlike the usual cellular network which is sometimes slow in connecting its users to the Internet.


People in countries including Nigeria, Indonesia, Tanzania, India and Kenya can now access this high speed internet connection through these WiFi zones at very cheap and affordable rates depending on the local business owner of your choice.

Most people go for the Express WiFi app because it is actually a reasonable thing to get fast connections at cheaper rates than the highly priced mobile network operator’s cellular connection which is usually slow most of the time and makes its users tired of waiting.


Another good and exciting thing about the Express WiFi app is that it does not have any restrictions to Facebook alone like the facebook free basics formally known as the which means that when using the Express WiFi app, you are unrestricted and free to surf different websites and to do whatever you wish to do.


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Things You Can Do With Express Wifi

You can make unlimited downloads, stream videos on YouTube, log in to Instagram, chat on WhatsApp, Snapchat and do many more things at cheap rates.

The Express WiFi is already operating in five developing countries mentioned earlier but the application is only available in two countries presently but would be readily available to all in the nearest future as Facebook will not stop feeding us with surprises.


“‘Facebook is releasing the Express WiFi app in the Google Playstore to give people another simple and secure way to access fast, affordable Internet through their local Express WiFi hotspots'”. A spokesperson said in a statement given to the TechCrunch.


This Express WiFi app will for sure boost the usage of internet in the developing countries at a time like this when internet connectivity is getting highly expensive each day.

To download the Express WiFi app and start using this cheap and affordable internet connection, simply log on to Google play store and search for “Express WiFi”. Click on install and when it has been installed, simply click on the app icon, follow the onscreen commands, and you are ready to start using this affordable internet connection.


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