With the Gotv app, you can take control of your viewing experience from all your exciting and trusted entertainment channels in your smart device. Now you can have peace of mind because you are in control.

So if you happen to be a Gotv customer, then you will definitely need this super Gotv mobile app on your smart device for full exciting experience, convenience sake and control. You can do varieties of things that you can ever imagine with this Gotv mobile app like arranging your watch list, checking the time for your movie series, having access to the easy self-service, and many more you can think about on Gotv. It is just a simple one spot place for everything you will ever need to move your viewing experience to the next level of entertainment.

One of the reason why Gotv customer loves this mobile app is because you can set a reminder on your device where the app is installed, so that it can remind you with a ring notification when your favourite movie is about to start. With this feature, you can’t miss any of your movie series again, that’s amazing.



How To Download The Gotv App

To download the Gotv app is free from the Google play store, though you will need to have a Gotv decoder for you to enjoy all its features. Just follow the procedures below to download and setup the Gotv app and increase your excitement.

  • You need to visit the Google play store
  • Download the Gotv mobile play store
  • Download the Gotv mobile app from the play store
  • Install the downloaded Gotv app, it takes less than 2 minutes
  • Simply launch the Gotv mobile app and then fill up all the needed details for the app to function well.
  • After you must have done all these, you can then explore all the functionality of the Gotv app. Ensure you access the menu settings to configure it based on what you want.


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The Different Functions You Can Perform With The App

  • Upgrading or Downgrading Package:

With the app, you are in charge of everything, you can satisfy your entertainment appetite by exploring the Gotv entertainment channels

  • Check Balance:

You can view how much you are owning or have, make payment and ensure you are always connected.

  • Errors Fixing:

Can you identify the error code on your screen? You can conveniently fix any common errors on your Gotv decoder so you can stay connected. The most amazing thing about this is that you don’t even need to login to the app to fix this errors on your decoder.

  • Management of your account:

This app will help you to manage your details, upload your own picture, set a privacy settings and many more.

  • Retrieve details:

With the app, you can conveniently recover your IUC number in case you forget it.

In summary, with Gotv app, it is all about convenience to the next level.


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