The sterling bank one pay app is an app that brings to you a new level of the banking experience right to your mobile device. The app is available for android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows phones. This one pay app is another version of the now popular mobile or internet banking system. The app brings with it newer features, menus, and options to facilitate it’s operations.


This features are safe, easy, comfortable, and stress free to use. It is also fast, convenient and readily available for use every twenty four hours a day, which makes it possible for you to be able to use it for any transaction either during the day or at night. The sterling bank one pay app also gives you a very wide range of all informational and banking services so as to make banking with sterling bank convenient and stress free for you.


The mobile banking app gives you a secure, safe and efficient access to your sterling bank account information and events right from your mobile device, which means you do not have to go to any of thesterlung bank branches to perform any operation. You got each and everything on your mobile phone or tablet as if you were right in the bank. When you are using this sterling bank app;


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What You Can Do with the Sterling Bank One Pay

You can view your account balance,

You can view your recent transactions,

You can transfer funds from your sterling bank account to other banks or to sterling bank.,

You can buy airtime for yourself and for others.

Locate the Bank’s branches or ATM around you.

You can pay bills to NEPA, Gotv etc.,


It is also important to know that the app works with data. So before using this app you must have previously bought some data bundle from your network provider.



How To Download The OnePay App

visit the Google Playstore and then search for the “Sterling Bank App” or “One Pay App”. You can also follow the link below to download the app.

After installing the app, you should click on the icon to launch it and follow the onscreen commands. You would be asked to input your account number and other information will be need for you to activate it. After activating it, you are set to start using the sterling bank mobile app. All your account informations will be automatically updated to the app on your mobile phone.


When using the mobile banking you need to be extra careful because people can easily gain access to your account information without your knowledge or even transfer funds to themselves if they have your mobile phone in their hands. To protect yourself, you should install security app that locks your phone and each app on your phone. Also, you should use strong passwords and treat your phone with extreme care to avoid losing it, because losing it can mean losing all the funds in your account. Be Vigilant.


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