The University of Jos is a university located in Jos, Plateau State. It is a Federal Government owned University and it is one of the best university in the Nation. It was established in the year 1975 from an existing campus (University of Ibadan satellite campus) that was started in 1971.

The University of Jos is known to be of best standard and they keep improving their standard which is why candidate who wish to apply to the university needs to be kept informed on various issues like the issue of Cut Off Mark.


The University of Jos Cut Off Mark

The JAMB UTME standard cut off mark for the University of Jos is one hundred and eighty (180).

But this does not mean if you get one hundred and eighty in your JAMB UTME examination, your admission is sure.

Ofcourse you already know that not only JAMB UTME examination score is used to determine those student that would be admitted even if it is a major factor. Your O’level result also plays an important role in determining your chance of getting admitted.

You can have a score of three hundred and sixty five in your Jamb exam and fail English in your WAEC, I tell you this for sure, you are going no where. So it is necessary to consider those other factors too.

One of those factors used in determining your admission status is the departmental cut off mark.

This departmental cut off mark depends on your choice of course.

The departmental cut off for someone who wants to study Engineering differs from someone who want to study Medicine.


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Below Is A List Of The Departmental Cut Off Mark For Courses In The University Of Jos

  1. For the following courses, the departmental cut off mark is 190:

Computer Science, English Language, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Geology, all engineering courses except Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering.

  1. For the following courses, the departmental cut off mark is 200:

Mass Communication, Common Law, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Physiology

  1. For Medicine and Surgery, and Nursing the departmental cut off mark is 220 – 240.

Note that your O’ Level result must be one sitting only if you wish to apply for Medicine and Surgery.

  1. For all other courses not listed here, the departmental cut off mark is 180.




Now you see the reason why you would get the required cut off mark by Jamb but still gain no admission.

The one hundred and eighty Jamb requires is only to get those who would participate in the University of Jos post utme screening exercise. If you have lesser than one hundred and eighty, you would be disqualified for the screening exercise.

And again if you wish to study Medicine and you scored one hundred and ninety eight in your JAMB UTME examination, you would not be given admission and if at all you gain admission, it can not be to study Medicine and Surgery. You can see Medicine and Surgery requires one sitting in your O’level result while others admits two.

This are all the factors that determines if you are going to be granted admission.

Success in your endeavours!


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