Every higher institution has a specialized way of grading student. It is very important for student especially those just entering the institution to be aware of this system of grading. But unfortunately, only few will get o know about it while the rest won’t. This system of grading has become vital to a student’s life because it is what will determine your final result when graduating.


What Is Grading?

In the Nigerian System of Education, grading is the process of applying some sort of standardized measurements of varying levels to determine the height of achievement a student attained in a certain course.

This simply means some measures are used to weigh and measure your  score.

For an instance we all know that a score of 80-100 is classified as an ‘A’. Thus ‘A’ is what is the Grading. It is a way to show that you have been separated from others (who scored lower).



CGPA: The Nigerian System Of Grading

In Nigeria and other various countries. Our Universities and Polytechnic have a standardized way of grading student. The calculation used in this CGPA system appears trickery and confusing but we would be breaking it down.


First, What Is CGPA?

A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA ) is a calculation done by dividing the total points earned by a particular student by the number of possible point the student could have earned. It is the average point a student earned through out his or her educational career.


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How To Calculate Your Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA

It is important for every student to learn how to calculate their CGPA so that once their end of semester result is out, they can calculate it themselves and know their fate.

The CGPA Scale Performance in semester examinations and tests are grouped into Letter Grade (A, B, C, D, E, to F ).

Each of this letters stands for a range of score or mark a student can get.

70 _ 100 A.  5.00

60 – 69  B.  4.00

50 – 59  C.  3.00

45 – 49  D.  2.00

40 – 44  E.  1.00

0  – 39  F.  0.00


If you score between these marks, that is the grade you would fall in, with the corresponding Grade Point Average (GPA).

By now, you should know that all of the  Course you offer carries a Fixed Number of Credit Unit (CU). Now, there is a Quality points (QP) which is  obtained by multiplying the Credit Unit (CU) for a course by the Grade Point (GP) a student earned in that particular course.

Now, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) can be calculated by summing up the Total Quality Point (TQP) for all your semesters and dividing it by the Total Credit Unit (TCU) for all your semesters.

As simple as that.




As I said, the calculation is trickery but simple if you pay attention.

Here is the simple formula:



Knowing your grade point helps a student to be aware of how well he or she has performed and also to know the areas to improve in.


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