This is a service offered by Gtbank to students. The service provides school fee loans to employed parents whose salaries are received through a Gtbank account for a minimum of one month before the application is made. This type of  loan from GTB is available to only students in Nigeria, Provided, he/she meets the requirements.


These Requirements Are

  • The student must have filled and completed the Application Form.
  • The applicants must possess an Employer Undertaking Form.
  • The students must possess a legitimate School Bill.
  • Parent/guardian of the student must provide evidence to verify that their salary is paid into their GTBank account.



Gtbank loan – Gtbank salary advance

Gtbank also gives out a salary loan to their customers. This is a service that is beneficial to the salary earners. Using this service, customers can get their salary anytime. The service also provides  users the access to take more than their salaries and pay at a later date. This feature is a great opportunity for salary earners having urgent needs for funds before their payday. Every applicant for this service will be granted an extra 50% of the salary they earn.



  • Applicant must possess a salary account with Gtbank.
  • The minimum salary must be 25,00 for employees of a public company
  • The applicant must have received his/her salary from gtbank for at least three months before applying for this service.
  • The least salary of the applicant must be 50,000 for employees of a private company.


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Method Of Application

There are two methods for application. Either you apply from the gtbank official portal or you download the pdf and submit the form to any gtbank branch.


1) To Apply On The Official Gtbank Website, Here Is What to do.

  • Login to the official portal for Gtbank loan.
  • Click the internet banking button and log in your account if you have one. If you do not have an account click HERE or copy to your browser.
  • On your account dashboard click on the “salary advance” option and follow the instruction you are given.


2) To Apply By Downloading And Completing The Pdf Form, Follow These Procedures

  • Open your browser and login to the gtbank site for salary advance application form
  • On the pdf page, Click on the download key and print out the application form then fill it.
  • Proceed by submitting it to any branch of the bank.

This Gtbank loan service is a great tool since it has been of great to a lot of people so there is still a chance for you to apply now. Are you a student, small-scale business owner, large-scale business owner or an entrepreneur? Apply now and enjoy the benefits of the Gtbank loan service. For other GTBank Loans, logon to:



  • Maximum amount of time allowed for the loan is 4 months.
  • Minimum amount is #50,000 while the maximum is #1million.
  • The beneficiary must have an account with Gtbank
  • Offer is open to all the Staff of selected private companies, Government Ministries, Parastatals and establishments whose salary accounts are with the Bank.
  • Documents required include The application form, employer undertaking and school bill having details of the schools bank account.


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