Studying abroad is the perfect experience anyone can have during their studying days, you won’t just end up with a certificate from the university, but you will gain an immeasurable exposure, knowledge and lifestyle. However, getting a student visa to study abroad is still a difficult task for some students.

Here Are The List Of Countries With The Easiest Visa Procedure For Students

  1. Ireland:

To get an Irish visa is very easy and simple, mostly because you can apply and get an Irish visa online. Additionally, your Irish visa will give you the opportunity to work in Ireland as well. As for your studies, Ireland has varieties of standard universities offering lots of degree programme.


  1. France:

France has a variety of universities offering lots of scholarships and grants for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. Getting a student visa in France is not a difficult task, plus studying in this country will be the best decision you will ever make in your life.


  1. Canada:

Canada happens to be among the countries that offer easy visa to international students who want to study in the country. Besides, there are many world class universities all over the country, plus secure learning environment and beautiful natural landscape. Your visa will also give you the opportunity to work in the country as well as bring your family along to stay with you.


  1. Singapore:

Getting a visa to study in Singapore is not a problem, plus getting admission and studying in one of the universities in this country will be a dream come true for most students.


  1. Germany:

To get a German student visa is not difficult at all, in fact it is one of the easiest. One good thing about Germany is that their universities will help you go through all the visa application process and also provide variety of scholarships and grants.


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  1. Austria:

Austrian universities are prestigious and the most important part is that they provide varieties of program for their international students. So getting a student visa is not a problem.


  1. Italy:

Italy is one of the easiest place to get student visa and the universities offer varieties of degree programs for their international students. Italy has very warm and accommodating citizens, so getting your visa approved won’t be a problem.


  1. Spain:

Spanish universities are perfect places to learn and get your university degree. They have wide range of degree courses and have stress free student visa procedures.


  1. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong has variety of universities that provide degree courses in English and interestingly, you won’t struggle for visa to be in Hong Kong.


  1. Poland:

Poland is one European country that offers affordable university education for international students and most importantly, getting a visa is never a problem.


Student Visa Requirement

Every country has their specific document you will need to submit for visa to be granted. However, there are important documents which are always required.

  • Valid Passport: This is one of the primary requirement, you would need a valid passport. The requirement of a valid passport might vary in different countries.
  • A Proof of Bonafide Student: No matter the country you want to apply to, you must be able to prove to them that you are a bonafide student. You need to provide the confirmation of admission from the university you intend to study in.
  • Financial Stand: Most countries would want you to prove to them that you are capable of taking care of your tuition fee as well as other expenses.


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