MTN xtra bundle plan allows you to enjoy surfing the Internet and calling various numbers at the same time giving you extra value for your money. This bundle gives subscribers huge, whooping sum of airtime for calling and data for browsing. It is one of the best MTN tariff plans that suits both calls and data.

The plan is for all prepaid customers which means you do not have to buy a new sim card to partake in this offer. Note that when you subscribe to any of the MTN xtra bundle plans, you have immediately migrated to xtravalue plan meaning that you can not be on two tariff plans at same time.



What Is Xtrabundle Plan?

It is a tariff plan from MTN that works perfectly for anyone who wants to call and browse the Internet at the same time. This plan comes in two  forms or options, you can choose to have more data than airtime or airtime than data.

The xtra bundle plan offers you a bundle of huge airtime for voice calls and data, the bundle is available in two categories; the xtra talk and the xtra data and it also comes with different price ranging from N300 to N20, 000. This price plan is available to all prepaid customers.



How Does MTN Xtra Bundle Plan Work?

  • Xtratalk bundle offers more airtime for voice calls than data.
  • Xtradata bundle offers more data for browsing than airtime for voice calls.

So, if you are into making much calls, then you can activate the xtra talk bundle.


How Much Do You Need To Activate MTN Xtra Bundle Plan?

To subscribe or activate any bundle plan within the xtra bundle plan is N300 upward and it also comes with an expiration date for each bundle plan.


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How To Migrate To MTN Xtra Bundle Plan

To migrate to the plan, dial *131*2# and select your preferred plan, once you have  successfully subscribed to a bundle, you will be migrated to xtra value plan and your bundle account will be credited automatically.

Note: all MTN prepaid subscribers can migrate to MTN xtra bundle plan by subscribing or buying any of the available bundles like xtra data bundles. This will help you to enjoy amazing offers.



Here Are MTN Xtra Bundle Plans And Their Subscription Codes

MTN xtra plan


Price Voice


Data value Validity period How to subscribe
N300 xtra talk N300 N1, 000 50MB 7 days Text V300 to 131
N300 xtra data N300 N300 200MB 7 days Text D300 to 131
N500 xtra talk N500 N1, 950 100MB 7 days Text V500 to 131
N500 xtra data  N500 N500 500MB 7 days  Text D500 to 131
N1000 xtra talk N1, 000 N3, 950 300MB 14 days Text V1000 to 131
 N1000 xtra data  N1, 000 N1, 000 1GB 14 days Text D1000 to 131
N2000 xtra talk N2, 000 N7, 850 650MB 30 days Text V2000 to 131
N2000 xtra data N2, 000  N2, 500 2.5GB 30 days  Text D2000 to 131
N5000 xtra talk N5, 000  N19, 500  1.5GB 30 days Text V5000 to 131
 N5000 xtra data  N5, 000 N6, 500 6.5GB 30 days Text D5000 to 131
N10000 xtra talk N10, 000 N39, 000 2.5GB 30 days Text V10000 to 131
N10000 xtra data N10, 000 N14, 000 14GB 30 days  Text D10000 to 131
N15000 xtra talk N15, 000 N59, 000 3.5GB 30 days Text V15000 to 131
N15000 xtra data N15, 000 N24, 000 20GB 30 days  Text D15000 to 131
N20000 xtra talk N20, 000 N80, 200  4.5GB 30 days Text V20000 to 131
N20000 xtra data  N20, 000 N28, 800 30GB 30 days Text D20000 to 131



How To Deactivate Xtra Bundle Plan

You can easily deactivate or opt out of this plan anytime when no longer interested. There ia no special code to opt out, all you have to do is to migrate to another tariff plan that you are interested in. For example,  you can choose to migrate to MTN Pulse by dialling *406# or to MTN M-Pulse with *344#. After the migration,  you will automatically be deactivated from MTN xtra data bundle.


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