Roaming service is a wireless telecommunication system which refers to the use of mobile phone outside its range network to connect to another part or country via available cell network. This system is made possible through the use of a mobile network with roaming capacity.

MTN Nigeria offers roaming services to its subscribers who are using either prepaid or postpaid line, in the mobile’s network effort to ensure better connection all across the globe it has partnered with several countries in order to provide wide reach and coverage both inside and outside of Nigeria.

This service under the MTN service is called HelloWorld, and it is aimed at providing roaming service at a much discounted rate on voice, SMS, and data. This service further provides free incoming calls to its subscribers within the validity period.

This service is provided to its customers in two different packages

HelloWorld Discount offer

HelloWorld Bundle offer

The HelloWorld discount offer package offers you the opportunity to enjoy discounted services on SMS, calls and data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There is also an additional 100 minutes free incoming call within its validity period and it is available to both prepaid and post-paid customers. Here is the discount plan offer and charges applied.



PLAN                     ACCESS FEE                         FREE                                                      OUT                                                                                                            INCOMING                                                    GOING                                                              CALLS                                   CALLS

DALY PASS            N150                                     5MIN                                   N50/MIN

WEEKLY                N750                                     30MIN                                  N50MIN

MONTHLY           N2000                                    100MIN                                N50/MIN

The service destination for African countries includes Benin, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Guinea Bissau, the subscription code to this service is *131*7, and it is applicable to all MTN Sim.


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Its service to other part of the world:


PLAN                     ACCESS FEE                         FREE                                      OUT                                                                                                                              INCOMING                  GOING                                                                                                                              CALLS                                  CALLS

DAILY PASS            N300                               5MIN                                                         N75/MIN

WEEKLY                N1500                               30MIN                                                       N75/MIN

MONTHLY             N3000                            100MIN                                                       75/MIN

This service destination connects with other countries like Greece, United kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Portugal, Czech Republic, U.S.A. the subscription code to this service is *131*1*7 and it also applies to all MTN sim.


Hello Bundle offer is a simple way of enjoying unlimited access to your internet connection irrespective of your current location, the service gives you the opportunity to enjoy up to 500MB in data bundle and 100min free incoming calls to your mobile network. This service offers its data on select network and is available for prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Here is the Combo bundle offer and applied charges.


PLAN                           VALIDITY

SMALL                          7 DAYS

MEDIUM                    14 DAYS

LARGE                          30 DAYS

Its service destination in African countries includes: Sweden, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, and Guinea Bissau. Its subscription code is *131*7

Its Combo Bundle offer to the rest of the world; and its plan.


PLAN                             VALIDITY

SMALL                           7 DAYS

MEDIUM                      14 DAYS

LARGE                            30 DAYS

Its service destination to the world includes: United Kingdom, Arabia, Netherland, Austria, Ireland, and Romania.


Roaming Data Bundles

SMALL 7 DAYS                             N3000                        200MB

LARGE 14 DAYS                            N5000                      500MB

Its service destination includes: South Africa, Benin Rep, Cameroon, Cyprus, Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Iran, Yemen and Ghana.

COMBO                                               PRICE                                                                   DATA                BUNDLES                                                                                                                          VOLUME

SMALL 7 DAYS                                   N5000                                                                   200MB

LARGE 14 DAYS                               N10,000                                                                   500MB

Its service destination to the world includes: United Kingdom, China, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Qatar, Netherland, Kenya, Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, Malta, Austria and Croatia.



COMBO                                   PRICE                         DATA                                                                                        BUNDLES                                                                 VOLUME

SMALL 7 DAYS                    N5000                            150MB

LARGE 14 DAYS                   N7500                           250MB

Its service destination to the world includes: U.S.A, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Hong Kong and Mexico and South Korea.


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