Making international calls in Nigeria is always on the high side. It cost a lot more than the national calls (calls within the country). This is usually the dread of many Nigerian Telecom users especially those with loved ones in other country. So, in this review, we shall make you see what the international call rates look like especially on MTN network.


On MTN network, any number that is not of Nigeria origin that  you call whether mobile or landline is referred to as an international call. When making international call, you could either call with your credit or international bundles. When you call with your credit, you will be charged based on the allotted charges for that country. You can get to know the charges for a particular country via MTN customer service.


What Is International Bundle?

For the other option, calling with international bundle. First, let’s understand what international bundle is. It is an airtime package that you buy with your recharge which grants you access to call international numbers. It is a discounted call minutes for international calls. The bundle dictates the countries you can reach with it. This gives cheaper calling cost on the long run. The bundles reach eighteen (18) international destinations around the globe.


Types Of International Bundle

The International Bundles that are available on MTN network can be divided into three types and they are;

  1. International Calling Bundle 1
  2. International Calling Bundle 2
  3. International Calling Bundle 3


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International Calling Bundle 1

This bundle offers twenty (20) International voice minutes for N300. Note that it is international voice minutes. This bundle has three (3) days validity. To subscribe to this plan, kindly send IDB300 to 131 in an SMS.

International Calling Bundle 2

This bundle offers forty (40) International voice minutes for N500. This bundle has seven (7) days validity. To enjoy this bundle, please forward IDB500 to 131 in a text message.

International Calling Bundle 3

This bundle offers one hundred and fifty (150) International voice minutes for N1500. This bundle has thirty (30) days validity. To enjoy this bundle, please forward IDB1500 to 131 in a text message.


This service can be accessed and used by both Prepaid and ePostpaid customers on the MTN network. Ensure you have enough airtime on your line before sending the activation SMS. For this international bundles, kindly dial *559*7# to view your bundle balance for any of the subscribed bundle.


The destinations covered by this international bundle include Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, China, India, Sweden, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Malta, South Africa, South Korea, United States, Romania, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Denmark and Luxembourg. So if you have family members in the above stated countries, the MTN international bundle can help keep in touch. Embrace it!


For further enquiry, please call MTN customer service on 180 and an agent will be available online to assist you.


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