Nigerian commercial banks have done their best to bring banking transactions closer to us in recent years. Bringing our everyday banking to our phones is one of the most innovative things they have ever done. Today virtually every transaction can be conducted through and on your phone. Let us take a look at the Diamond Bank phone transactions code.


How To Create Diamond Bank Transfer Pin

If you are a Diamond Bank customer, you can ditch your trips to the bank and create transfer pin on your phone that will enable you carry out your banking transactions anywhere you are using your phone. There are two ways to get your pin. You can register for the pin with your ATM card or with your date of birth using the phone number you receive bank alerts on. This is your registered number. Follow these simple steps and start banking on the go.

  1. Dial *426#
  2. Input the last six digits of your ATM card or input your date of birth starting with the day, the month and the year. If your date of birth is 25th September, 1964, you will input 250964
  3. Input your Diamond Bank Account Number
  4. Create a four digit pin
  5. Confirm your pin

Your transfer pin has been created!


How To Use Your New Pin

You can use the transfer pin you created to:

  1. Check your account balance
  2. Transfer funds to other banks
  3. Buy airtime for yourself and your loved ones
  4. To change transaction pin


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How To Check Your Account Balance on Your Phone

To check your account balance using your new pin, dial *426# using your registered phone number. Follow the prompt by filling it in appropriately or simply dial *426*00#.


Transferring Funds to Other Banks Using Your Pin

To transfer money to someone, maybe your child, parent or loved one, simply dial *426*Amount*Account Number#, select the bank of the recipient and confirm the transaction with your pin. Alternatively, you can dial *426# and follow the prompt until the money is transferred. You will receive a notification confirming the funds transfer. Note that you cannot transfer more than #20,000 in a day.



Recharge Your Phone Directly From Your Bank

To recharge your phone using your transfer pin, dial *426*amount#. Your phone will be instantly recharged. If you want to recharge for someone else, dial *426*amount*phone number#. Note that you cannot recharge more than #3000 per day.


How To Change Your Transfer Pin

If you need to change your pin, maybe you allowed somebody else know your pin, dial *426*0# and insert your new pin.

Now, you don’t have to trek all the way to the bank!


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