The Nigerian telecommunications network is having a new dawn of event as the fourth generation standard for mobile communication popularly known as 4G begins to unfold and becomes stronger across all Nigerian mobile network operators. The era of 3G is beginning to close in giving way to the 4G long term evolution (LTE).


Airtel like many other mobile network operator in Nigeria is always seeking ways to increase customer satisfaction and customer strength. In the light of this truth, Airtel in a collaborative effort and in partnership with the Chinese multinational giant, ZTE launched the 4G services to improve customer experience and in accordance to industry standard. This shows the rate of Airtel’s commitment to her numerous customers’ satisfaction.


The Airtel 4G Long Term Evolution is equipped to offer ultra fast broadband Internet connection with higher data transfer speeds as well as improved online streaming services. The Airtel 4G LTE is designed to offer a great internet speed of up to 45Mbps (megabits per seconds). This is a great internet experience. This will mean that large files could be downloaded in few seconds. You need to experience this to really get the picture.

Right now, we live in a world where everyone is almost internet user at one level or the other with businesses equally having and running virtual offices with internet connection. The Airtel 4G LTE offers both individual and business a better internet services keeping them at the top of their game.


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How To Upgrade Airtel 4G LTE SIM Card

To enjoy the Airtel 4G LTE, you will need a 4G LTE compatible mobile device and an Airtel 4G LTE SIM. Once you have these two things, you may proceed to subscribe to enjoy the service. However, you may not need to buy a new Airtel 4G LTE SIM, you may simply upgrade your old SIM to 4G LTE. To upgrade your old SIM to a Airtel 4G LTE compatible one, kindly follow the steps below;


  1. Begin by doing a contact back up for all the contacts on your SIM.
  2. Visit any Airtel office close to you and navigate to the customer service desk to make your intentions known.
  3. You will be provided with a form to fill. Kindly fill in all required details and submit.
  4. The SIM card will be upgraded for you. You can now begin to enjoy the Airtel 4G LTE .

It is worth knowing that a different internet settings is not required to enjoy the 4G LTE especially if you are upgrading the SIM to a 4G LTE compatible SIM.

If you have any challenges with accessing or downloading with the Airtel 4G LTE after a SIM upgrade or new Airtel 4G LTE SIM with a 4G LTE compatible device, kindly call customer care on 111 or simply visit any Airtel office close by to get the issue resolved.


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