The modern bluetooth technology comes with the ‘hands-free mobile phone function’ enabled. This could be used for listening to music, audio files, watching videos, as well as making and receiving phone calls.

Pairing your smartphone with your Bluetooth headset will enable you to access all this features, and it will increases the level to which you can use your phone with your Bluetooth headset.

But in most cases, you might have difficulties pairing your Bluetooth headset with your smart phone or other devices. Most times you would have successfully paired but no audio feed back in your Bluetooth headset.

Below is a step by step procedure to get it done correctly.



How To Pair A Bluetooth Headset With Your Smartphone

Step By Step Guide For Android Device

  1. First of all, Go to your Settings, find the Wireless & Network and click on it. Now search for the Bluetooth Settings. Click it and you will find every thing about the Bluetooth connection.
  2. Click on the Bluetooth toggle box to turn on the Bluetooth connection of your device.
  3. Place the Bluetooth headset close to the smartphone and hit the scan for devices button on your smartphone.
  4. Your Bluetooth headset name would be displayed on the screen of your smartphone. Click on it to pair the two device. Once pairing is done, your smartphone has been connected to the headset.


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Step By Step Guide For iPhone

  1. Go to your Settings, click on General, and then Bluetooth. Now put ON your Bluetooth under this section.
  2. Carry the iPhone Bluetooth headset, and connect the iPhone Dual Dock or the Bluetooth travel cable via the USB port on your computer. This process would automatically pair the Bluetooth device with the iPhone.
  3. For other types of headsets, (known as third-party headsets). Be sure that the headset is compatible with the iPhone. Go to Settings, then General, and Bluetooth.
  4. Open visibility of both or any of the two devices. You can put the headset in discoverable mode by pressing and holding the power button for some seconds.
  5. Your headset would now appear on your phone. Click on it to pair.

Once pairing is complete, your device would connect. In some cases you would see the connect button, just click it.

When your device has successfully connect, you can use your Bluetooth headset with your smart phone with out any additional cord or cables. You can listen to audio files, watch video files, make and receive calls using your bluetooth headset. Your Bluetooth headset will now serve as a wireless speaker.




If the smartphone doesn’t automatically pair, enter the passcode given with your headset.

Common pass code include;




You can check the Bluetooth headset’s user manual for other handy instructions on setting up or pairing the device.

Never leave your Bluetooth on when you did not connect to your headset to avoid getting virus and to save your battery.


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