Airtel Nigeria is fast becoming one of the country’s most trusted mobile network provider, they have proven to be the first in today’s network coverage.

Currently, about 40% of data and internet users in Nigeria use the Airtel network and the reason is glaring. This company offers its teeming customers with quality, quantity and affordability, as well as a faster internet connection, expanded bandwidth and special video and voice call services. Lets just say Airtel seems to be the smartest choice for data users.

Nigerians spend loads of money on Internet data every month. It really is a very frustrating experience to run out of data. Just like everyone else, you must be searching for a great Internet data plan which suits your pocket. Well, you in luck, Airtel Nigeria has updated their data plans for their subscribers to enjoy more value for their money and it includes the #1500 plan.

Its old news that Airtel has numerous convenient data plans for customers. This time we will be telling you about a special Airtel data plan valued at 1500 which gives subscribers a whooping 3GB worth of data.

This is a great chance for internet users to enjoy internet access. Many say that this is the best offer from the Airtel at this time. Convenient and fast mobile internet has already become a necessity in today’s world. Consequently, it is essential to choose the best data plan. Everyone knows that Airtel comes with a reliable mobile coverage all over the country, its Internet access also has a high quality too.  This tariff plan is a good competition to many offers from other mobile network operators in the country. This is a great proposition for the users of mobile internet. It is the most convenient Airtel data plan in Nigeria currently. The Airtel N1500 bundle plan is amongst the best right now. Lets learn how to activate the plan.



It could be used on any device: IPhone, Laptops, Android, iPad, iOS even laptop. With a data plan like this, you receive 3GB of data for N1500



This data plan is valid for 1 month.


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How To Get Airtel 1500 For 3GB Code

  • First and foremost, you must have a credit balance of at least N1500, so endeavor to load your Airtel line with #1500 to proceed.
  • Next dial *435*2#.


Here is another way

*. Recharge your SIM with N1500

*. Dial *141*1500#

*. Start browsing



This Airtel internet plan is available for OLD and NEW sim cards. The Airtel 3.5GB plan is divided into both 2.5GB Day + 1GB Night.


Checking Data Balance

Simply dial *140# or *123# to check your data plan balance.

It is advisable  to check the eligibility of your sim before subscribing. Dial the activation code for Airtel data plan before recharging, if you receive a reply that says “Insufficient Balance”, recharge your line and enjoy the service.

So, are you a customer of Airtel Nigeria, what are you waiting for? Dial the activation code  now and enjoy the best of internet connection.


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