Every frequent internet user knows how high data bundles cost this days. One out of every ten internet user spends at least two thousand five hundred naira (N2,500) on internet bundle each month. In a year (12 month), that would be a staggering thirty thousand naira (30,000). Well you can avoid this by using the night and weekend plan provided by the same network operators collecting our hard earned money.

Each network provider has its own weekend bundle with various codes to purchase this bundles. Check for your own network provider’s code below to start using the weekend plan.



Cheap Weekend Data Plan For All Network

Airtel Weekend Data Plan

To Subscribe to the Airtel weekend data plan, load your sim card with just N100 and dial the code *474*1#. This will automatically purchase the plan for you.

Check your balance by dialing *140#.

This Airtel data plan is designed only for weekends between the hours of 12:00am on Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday. That means whether you use it or not it will expire on the next sunday to the day you subscribed.

This Airtel weekend plan functions on all device and for all registered Airtel sim card.



9Mobile Weekend Data Plan And Migration Code

The 9mobile weekend data plan offers you with only 1GB at the rate of N500.

To Subscribe; Recharge your 9mobile Sim card with N500 and dial the code *5995*2#.

The data allocated to you can be used only during the weekend, it does not crossover to week days, and it functions on all devices.


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Glo Weekend Data Plan And Migration Code

The Globalcom Network remains the Grandmasters of data. Their weekend plan seems to be the best of all.

Glo offers you with a whole 3GB for just N500. And the best part is that it can be used at night during the week days and not just during weekends only.

To subscribe for the Glo Weekend Plan; Top up your sim card with just N500. Dial the code *777# and follow the on-screen instruction. From Data Services → Buy Data → Night and Weekend plans.

Select the N500 for 3GB and click send.

This plan works on all device, and you can use it from Mon – Fri at night (12:00AM to 5:00AM) only, including Sat and Sun (12:00AM Sat – 11:59PM Sun) (day and night). Glo remains the King of data bundles.



MTN Weekend Data Plan

The MTN weekend data plan is not actually purchased. It is a bonus given to you by MTN for purchasing one of their normal data bundle. So the data bundle you subscribe to and buy is what determines your free weekend data.It is termed “MTN WowWeekend“, and all MTN subscribers can participate for this offer.



Now with this little knowledge, you would drastically reduce how much you spend buying data bundles monthly. Opt in for one of the weekend plans and save up your hard earned money!


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