Currently, we have millions of Apps on Google Play store, and it keeps on increasing on a daily basis. However, these Apps have different function or their own unique abilities. But there is one special app called MoneyPal that you can download on Play Store.

What Is MoneyPal?

This MoneyPal App happens to be a loan app which is offered by Zedvance Limited, a financial service provider in Nigeria. It is good to note that this app was released on the 13th of November, 2019, and although it was recently updated on December 19th 2019. Another thing you should know is that the App is currently in version 0.60 and occupies a phone space of 7.11MB.

Have you been looking for loan? Now you can get a quick loans at amazing interest rates in just a few clicks. MoneyPal  App will enable you to get loan as fast as possible and note that with the MoneyPal app, you can have access to a collateral-free Zedvance loans of up to N4million which comes with zero hidden charges.

All customers can enjoy loan tenors of up to 24months at an annual percentage rate of 34.8% to 365%.

Let’s take an example: In case a customer gets a loan of NGN100,000 for 6-months, the customer will be charged an interest rate of 2.9% per month at an APR of 34.8%. However, a processing fee of NGN1, 900 (that is 1.9% of the amount requested) will be applied as well as a six monthly repayments of NGN 19,566.67, which will give a total repayment of NGN 119,300.02.

I already know that some people might be wondering, how do I start using this App and even take this loan? But you shouldn’t worry, we will get to that later let me give you a very important information below.

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Here Is How To Use The Moneypal App

To use this app, below are the steps needed to using MoneyPal App.

  • Visit play store and download the app
  • Then click on Create Account.
  • After which, provide all relevant details (please ensure you register with the phone number linked to your BVN).
  • Once done, apply for your preferred loan amount.

The Advantages Of Zedvance Moneypal Instant Loans

Please it is important that before you opt for one loan or another, ensure to look at what advantages the loan app offers. You will notice some differences in loan apps. However, this MoneyPal Instant Loans from Zedvance offers some great advantages. Below are some of them:

  • You can borrow up to N 10,000
  • The app is very safe and recognized
  • It has a highly competitive rates
  • You get your requested funds in minutes
  • They have responsive support
  • It is an easy to use application.
  • It is very transparent
  • Only few requirements.

The Moneypal Instant Loans Requirements

There are little requirements needed to use MoneyPal Instant Loans.

The Requirements:

  • You must be in paid employment
  • You must be between 22 and 55 years old
  • You must have an active salary account

The Documents Needed:

  • You need a Recent Passport Photograph
  • A valid Identification (like driver´s license or National Id card)
  • An employee ID Card
  • An employment letter
  • A NUBSN Cheques (that is if your prefer direct debit mandate)


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