Ria Money transfer is a web based fund transfer solution created by Ria financial services. It all started in 1987 in New York City and has now grown into 146 countries of the world with 317,000 agent locations and still counting. With Ria money, you can send money across countries and be rest assured that it will definitely get there. You can send up to $2999.99 per transfer and up to $7,999 in 30 days.

For you to make use of ria money, you will be required to firstly register and then you can now transfer via your account.


To Register, Kindly Follow The Steps Below;

  1. Log on to www.riamoneytransfer.com
  2. Click on register
  3. Fill out the form and submit
  4. Check your email for verification email and confirm your email
  5. You can add your account number or ATM cards to your account.


How To Send Money 

To send money with Ria,

  1. Login to your ria money account
  2. From your dashboard, select the amount you want to transfer and the country you want to send money to.
  3. Select from where the deduction will be done to transfer the money. ( Credit card, debit card or bank account)
  4. Calculate how much you will be charged and the exchange rate of the currencies involved with price calculator.
  5. Select how you want the money to be delivered from the options available such as via ria money agent, via courier service or directly into recipient bank account.
  1. Input the details of the recipients which include full name as appeared on Government issued ID card, phone numbers and email address.

If this person will be a regular recipient, you may register the transfer process that will enable a fast and quick transfer in the future.


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Duration Of Transfer

For transfer from your credit card and debit card, it not take beyond 15 minutes while transfer from your bank account will take up to four business days.

To receive money via ria money is fastest when you’re receiving via courier service and ria money agent. Although this maybe affected by the courier service and the agent to pay out but it will normally not go beyond a day. Transfer into your account may take some days since it will verify the fund if its present in your account first. This may also be affected by the bank.


How To Track Status Of My Transfer

You can check the status of a transfer you have made if you think its not going well and you want to what’s happening. To check the status of the transfer, you may use the Track a Transfer features. To use it, kindly follow the following steps;

  1. Simply log on to www.riamoneytrabsfer.com
  2. Click on track transfer
  3. Input your money order number.
  4. Click on search and you will get the details of the transfer.

Apart from this, Ria will continue to fortify you with both important details and updates until your transfer eventually becomes successful.



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  1. I transfered money yesterday and now I need to retrieve it back. How do I do this

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