MyMTN app is application designed by MTN to enable her subscribers manage their line effectively and efficiently by themselves. The app is a all in one self care app. With this app, subscribers have the full control of their lines. They are able to monitor their phone account, call units usage pattern, manage data usages, products and services subscriptions as well to activate or deactivate services from their mobile account on-the- go.

This means as a subscriber, you can check up your line if you notice any charges or service removal or activation that you have not authorized. You simply login and verify the situation after which you may resolve the issues concerning your line.  Isn’t that a great one? You don’t need to wait endlessly on the customer care line.


My MTN App Features

Below are the features of the app which will make the use of your line easy.

  1. With the app, you can check up your call history and see how much you’re charged for each call.
  2. You can activate and deactivate data plans as you so wish.
  3. You have access to security codes of your line such as PUK.
  4. You can change your tarrif plans as well as your data plans.
  5. You can recharge your loved ones line.
  6. Its quite easy to use.


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How To Download My MTN App

My MTN app is available for free download on, Blackberry world,  Google play store and Apple play store. You can either search it on your Blackberry, Android or Apple phone device play store or you follow this link to the official page of my MTN app and then click on the respective icon of your play store there.

Another way to download myMTN is to send a text message containing MYMTN to 5018. You will be sent a download link in an SMS. Simply follow the link and it will take you to a download page.

After downloading the app, next thing is to install the app. After installation, launch the app. You will be required to log in to the app with your mobile to be able to check your line and alter the settings as you wish.


Web Based Self Help

You can as well manage your line via the self help portal. Below is a list of things you can do via the self help portal. Click here From here, you will be able to access the following and work on your line;

Kindly click on this link

  • Account Hierarchy
  • Account Statement Summary
  • Change Security Key
  • Choose Primary Contact
  • Get Account Details
  • Knowing Me Knowing You
  • Mobile Number Reservation
  • My Portal Activities
  • PUK Retrieval
  • Package Change History
  • Personal and Service Information
  • Recent Transactions
  • USIM Referral Bonus
  • View Bills
  • View Call Data Records


With these services, you as a subscriber can control your line as well as manage your line in line with your preferences. As you download and manage the your line via this app, you will begin to enjoy your line more with the network provider.


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