Glo, the only indigenous telco and the second largest network in Nigeria pride itself on being the grand masters of data and i really think they are not far from the truth. It is fair to say that Glo has the cheapest data bundle compared to other telcos in Nigeria and i think that is one of the reasons they are the grand masters of data. Glo data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and flexi plans to include plans for BlackBerry devices. Glo also has a self care data management portal. This high speed internet portal allows you to view your data balance, share or gift data and also buy data .


Just log into  With #100 you can easily purchase a glo sim card, register your sim and start enjoying this special offers. Glo offer unmatched data value also called unfair advantage that works effortlessly on laptops, android devices,iphones, tablets and BlackBerry and you can chat on social media,doenload and surfvthe internet as much as you want.


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Data Plan Details

  1. #500 for 800Megabytes and bonus of 200 Mb valid for 14 days.
  2. #500 for 3Gigabyte. This is called the flexiplan and is valid for 7days weekends only from Saturday 12midnight to Sunday 11.59pm and nights 12am to 5pm. To subscribe dial *127*61#.
  3. #500 for 1.6GBytes. This is a special offer from glo where you get 1.6GB for #500 only. It is valid for 10days to use only at midnights from 12am to 6am. To subscribe dial *127*57# or text “57”to 127.
  4. #500 for 500MB. This is called the glo campus booster and offers so many benefits. You get #500 glo to glo voice calls, 500MB off – campus data volume,1.12 GB on -campus data and #500 data to share or gift valid for 7 days.
  5. #500 for 1GB. This is called the data booster. This is a special offer from glo for subscribers whose data should finish before the subscription period. Any such additional data pack purchased using the data booster feature still falls within the validity period of the original plan. This also means that you must have a regular data plan active and still within its validity period before gou can buy additional data. It is available only for glo monthly data plans.


To check your data balance dial *127*0# or text “INFO” to 127.



Benefits Of Glo 500 Naira Data Plan

– With any of these plans, you can share, gift or transfer data

– It is fast, cheap and convenient

– Glo offer a grace perid of 3days to still enjoy the benefits of continuous subscription before it expires

– Both new and existing customers enjoy double volume of data

– If you autorenew before your data expires, the extra data will be rolled over into the new one and expires at the validity period of the new one.


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