Are you frustrated with the high amount of data deducted when you are browsing and enjoying your stream on your device ? Do you feel unsatisfied with the exorbitant amount of data  you’re being charged when you are making some few minutes video call or voice call via your social media applications like WhatsApp, Bbm, Viber, Facebook messenger?


Do you feel your network provider is playing a fast one and you and you have grown tired of such a network ? Do you feel anger when you are about downloading your favorite series episode of Blackish only to find out that your data you just subscribed for recently is exhausted? Have you ever caught yourself asking a question of “Which Mobile data plan is actually suitable for me to play with my Facebook, WhatsApp, watch my favorite skits on Instagram, stream some short videos on YouTube without it being so expensive? ” I can tell you something which will make you so excited now.


Well my friend, worry no more because The Grand patrons of Fast internet speed and connection have provided us with some beautiful daily data plans that we keep you in contact with your friend in the other part of the country or other side of the word for so little a fee to be paid. One of the best telecommunication companies in the country have seen to it that data is accessible to all and that company is 9mobile formerly known as Etisalat.

9mobile has various data plans suitable for your mobile, PC or desktop computers. These data plans are easy, convenient and so very pocket friendly that you won’t need to break the bank to stay connected. Let’s check out some of the cheapest dataplans available only on the 9mobile network.


Migration Code To 9Mobile Daily Data Plans

10megabytes for #50: This is cheap and gives the subscriber a data volume of just 10megabytes valid for only one day. Customers can get this plan by dialling *229*3*8# or send M13 to 229.


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40megabytes for #100: This is also very pocket friendly and gives the subscriber a data volume of 40megabytes valid for one day. Customers can get this plan by dialling *229*3*1# or send M11 to 229.


250megabytes for #50: This is available to subscribers on the morecliq tariff plan. It is a night plan only and gives you 250megabytes to surf the internet, stream videos or make downloads. It costs just #50 and is valid for just one night between the hours of 12am-5am


9mobile Whatsapp Only Plan: This data plan comprises of WhatsApp only. It costs #50 only for unlimited whatsapp valid for 30 days. Customers can get this plan by dialling *343*5*5#.


150MegaBytes. This is a weekly plan valid for 24 hours and costs #200. Customers can get this plan by dialling *229*2*10#.


The 1GigaByte. This is a night only plan valid between 12am-5 am for only one day. Customers can get this plan by dialling *229*3*11# at the cost of #200.

To cancel any of  this 9mobile service from Autorenewal, you can simply dial *343*5*0# to avoid having your credit deducted when you don’t want to subscribe for a daily data plan



Benefits Of 9mobile Daily Data Plans

They are very Affordable and pocket friendly to the customers.

Its Convenient and easy. It’s usable on all sorts of devices ranging from the Java s40 series ,symegabytesian phones ,Android devices,Windows devices ,iOS devices and even on a modem

The service is very  flexible especially the whatsapp only plan.

The service is fast across all platforms.


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