MTN data roaming is an MTN service that allows you to browse the internet on your MTN line in a foreign land. This means when you travel out of the country to a nation where there is no MTN network, you don’t have to worry, MTN has made provision for you to be able to browse. This provision is for both prepaid and postpaid customers on the MTN network.


It is quite interesting to note that MTN has a wide network coverage not only in Nigeria but across countries. MTN GPRS network covers lots of networks in several countries. To make MTN data roaming a reality, MTN went into partnership with lots of other mobile Telecom operators in several countries.



How To Get Started And Enroll For MTN Data Roaming

To enroll for this, you will only need to take a few steps. The first is to find out if MTN has data roaming service in the country you are traveling to. Next is to find out about the MTN data roaming partners in that country. Finally, ensure your MTN line is well loaded with sufficient airtime that you can use for the data roaming service. You may also need to talk to MTN customer service via any of channels provided below for tips that will assist you to set up data while

roaming with your mobile phone.


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How To Use The MTN Data Roaming Service

To use the service, once you get to the destination country, you will need to switch off your phone and turn it on after a while. It might take a while before the service come up as it first find out about your membership on the MTN network and then integrate the services so that you may have access to the internet.



Data Roaming Charges

The data roaming charges is not a fixed charge. There are a few indices that affect the charges. These include the data roaming partner charges and what you do on the internet. The data roaming partner will determine how much you will be charged. This might be a good point to note too after knowing the MTN data roaming partners in the country of interest when traveling.



What You Can Do With MTN Data Roaming

On MTN data roaming, you will be able to do everything you can on your normal browsing ranging for surfing the web, checking and sending email, chats, online streaming as well as file download and upload. Please note that the quality of the internet connection will be determined by the MTN data roaming partner. Please note that you may not be able to do some things depending on the network the partner is offering. For instance, on 2G, you will not be able to make video call and some other things.


For any issue, assistance or enquiry on MTN data roaming, you call +234 803 101 2346 or forward your emails to


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