MTN XtraValue is a bundle plan package that offers an extra package to every service it offers to its users. This bundle plan is an All-in-One package that gives two different offers (Voice call and Data) once migrated to. These offers are grouped into the two different categories of the bundle plan. These categories are:

  1. XtraTalk bundle plan
  2. XtraData bundle plan

XtraValue bundle plan service is made available to every eligible customers including all MTN registered customer (EXCEPT the MTN BetaTalk and StartPack Users), prepaid customers and the postpaid customer.



How To Migrate To MTN XtraValue

To all MTN users who wished to benefit from the MTN XtraValue bundle plan, there is a need to migrate to the bundle plan through the below steps;

  1. Dial the migration code *131#
  2. Select 2 in the option page

Or simply dial *131*2#

  • Select the preferred XtraValue bundle plan

Note: After the selection of the preferred bundle plan, the XtraValue bundle account will be created automatically and credited from the main account.



Migration can also be done by downloading the MTN mobile application.

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Search on MYMTNAPP
  • Download and Install
  • Follow the provided step by registering

Note: All provided information must be valid

  • Open the App
  • Click on XtraValue plan
  • Select the preferred XtraValue Plan

MTN Betatalk and StartPack Users can ONLY be eligible for this service if migrated to any of the other tariff plans



XtraTalk Bundle Plan

The XtraTalk bundle plan is a program that extends the users communication time by offering more call-time (airtime) to the tariff plan than the normal ones. Once migrated to this plan, all calls are monitored under this package and not from the main account, that is, calls charges will be deducted from the XtraValue plan account and extra data volume will be added.

This service goes the same way for all international calls made at that period of the bundle activation.


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XtraData Bundle Plan

The XtraData Bundle is the vice-versa of the XtraTalk bundle plan as it gives more data volume.


XtraTalk Bundle Plan

(Bundle Cost)

Voice-call value Data Value


Subscription Code Validity
₦ 300 ₦ 1000 50MB Send V300 to 131 7 days
₦ 500 ₦ 1,950 100MB Send V500 to 131 7 days
₦ 1000 ₦ 3,900 300MB Send V1000 to 131 14 days
₦ 2000 ₦ 7,850 650MB Send V2000 to 131 30 days
₦ 5000 ₦ 19,500 1.5GB Send V5000 to 131 30 days
₦ 10,000 ₦ 39,000 2.5GB Send V10,000 to 131 30 days
₦ 15,000 ₦ 59,000 3.5GB Send V15,000 to 131 30 days
₦ 20,000 ₦ 80,000 4.5GB Send V20,000 to 131 30 days



XtraData Bundle Plan

(Bundle Cost)

Voice-call value (Airtime) Data Value


Subscription Code Validity
₦ 300 ₦ 300 200MB Send D300 to 131 7 days
₦ 500 ₦ 500 500MB Send D500 to 131 7 days
₦ 1000 ₦ 1000 1GB Send D1000 to 131 14 days
₦ 2000 ₦ 2,500 2.5GB Send D2000 to 131 30 days
₦ 5000 ₦ 6,500 6.5GB Send D5000 to 131 30 days
₦ 10,000 ₦ 14,000 14GB Send D10,000 to 131 30 days
₦ 15,000 ₦ 24,000 20GB Send D15,000 to 131 30 days
₦ 20,000 ₦ 28,800 30GB Send D20,000 to 131 30 days

All bundle plans will be automatically renewed from the MTN main account once the plan has been exhausted.


To check for XtraValue Bundle Balance, simply dial *559*61#


Benefits Of The Service

  • It can be used for all type of calls including International and the National calls
  • It can be used for SMS
  • It gives the comfort of one-time activation for both data and voice calls
  • Users of XtraValue bundle have the chance of going for multiple bundles


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