Page Financial International service is an investment and money lending platform. It began operation in 2014 and has since then grew into one of the force to be reckoned with in the industry. However, the business has not grown beyond Lagos. It is a financial retail business with a difference.


It also has a arm called Page microfinance bank which help entrepreneurs with all they need to make their business a success beginning from expert advise, finance, payroll management, banking etc. With this, all entrepreneurs are successful guaranteed in their businesses. Would you not rather be part of a family of successes to achieve your success?



Types Of Loans

Group Loan: This type of loan is offered to employees of a company. It has a repayment plan up to fifteen (15) months. The repayment is done on a monthly basis. It is either debited directly from employee salary account through signed cheque or paid monthly by the company. It could also be paid monthly by the employee. It comes with 3.7% interest rate with no management fee. Once proper documents are provided and application is successful, it takes a maximum of three (3) hours to disburse into applicant bank account


Personal Loan: This type of loan is offered to individuals who may need money for emergency issues that may not be able to wait till payday. With Page Financials personal loan, you can access money and then pay back on your payday.


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Target Plan: What do you stand to achieve. Page Financials International Service will not just stand watch but offer to help with competitive rates to achieve your targets. They let you take advantage of interest rates and the other way round.


Investment: This is another way Page Financial International Service help out. If you want to achieve a big goal like building a house, buying a car, a trip etc. Page Financials International Service can help through by working through the friendly rates for your investment.



How To Apply For Loan Online

You can apply for any of the loans as it pleases and meets your needs online. You do not need to visit the office or branch to apply. You simply register on the page financial website, apply for the loan and an agent will come over to pick up your credit cheque. Its that simple. Kindly follow the steps below to apply;

  1. Log on to page financial website,
  2. Navigate and click on Page Internet Platform
  1. Next is to click on subscribe
  2. On the next page, you can fill the appropriate fills to get yourself registered.
  3. Once your account is created, sign into your account and apply for the loan that suit you and your need.
  4. Upload all required documents.
  5. Once approved, you can have the money disbursed into your account.


For further enquiry or assistance, please contact page international financials service limited via email or call them on +234 (0)1 631 PAGE (7243). You may also visit their office at No 23, Norman Williams Street, SW Ikoyi, Lagos.


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