PayPal is an online payment solution use to receive and send payment. With PayPal, you can receive fund from anywhere in the world and also send money to anyone worldwide. PayPal is supported by over 200 countries in the world, this means it is widely used.


More importantly, we are looking at how to get a PayPal account in Kenya and carry out few transactions from the account. So, if you are a Kenyan citizen seeking an online payment option that you can use, we have got you covered. Just take a few minutes to read this to the end.


How To Open A Kenyan PayPal Account Online

To open a PayPal account in Kenya, please follow these steps below;

  1. Log on to the PayPal website for Kenya,
  2. Navigate and click on “SIGN UP”
  3. Next is to select the type of PayPal account you wish to open whether a Personal or Business Account.
  4. After making a choice, the next thing is to click on “CONTINUE”
  5. Fill in the required details and verify that there are no mistakes. Also, endeavour to use strong password that you can easily remember but difficult for anyone to guess or an hacker. This is important, we are talking about your money here. After this, please click on “CONTINUE”
  6. On the next page, you will be required to input your card details which must be either MasterCard or Visa card. Verify the inputted details before proceeding. Although you may skip this if you want but you may not be able to receive payment from some organization until you reach $1000.
  7. Next will be to confirm your email address. Click on “CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS” on the next page.
  8. Login into your email and you will find your first email from PayPal, open it and click on the activation link to confirm your email address.
  9. Input your password on the next page to access your account after confirmation.
  10. You may add your account or card at the left hand side.
  11. You need to verify your account and you are required to have ksh 250 in your account before you can do this. Click on the confirm or verify button and a 4 digit PIN will be sent to you which you are to enter in the space provided. Once you do this successfully, your account is now set up. Please note that $1.75 will be deducted from your account during the verification stage but it will be refunded in 24hrs.


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How To Receive Money And Withdraw The Fund

To receive money into your PayPal account online, simply give the payee the email address you use to open the PayPal account. That is all they need and once the money comes in, you will see it in your balance.

To withdraw from the PayPal account, please follow the steps below;

  1. Login into your PayPal account online
  2. Navigate and click on withdrawal tab
  3. Next is to select your type of account whether Personal or Business account
  4. Input your bank account like your equity bank account
  5. The email attached to the bank account will receive an email containing a secret PIN.
  6. Login into your email address and get the secret PIN
  7. Type in the secret PIN and other required information on the PayPal web page.
  8. Verify all the inputted details and click on “Pay Via PayPal” and you will get the money in about 3 days.


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