Not too long ago union bank unveiled a new and revamped mobile app with more banking features that makes banking a lot easier.  Union Bank released the new short code *826# a special USSD code which allows customers banking operation simply through a short code message on their mobile phones. Union Bank customers can now

  • Pay bills
  • Verify transactions
  • Make transfer to union bank customers and other bank customers
  • Perform card less withdrawal
  • Buy data bundles and airtime and pay bills too
  • Customers can now locate the nearest Union Bank Direct Sales Agent (DSA) where they can request for cash collection either for deposit or withdrawals. They can also open accounts with agents.


How To Perform Card Less Withdrawal On Atm

To be able to perform card less transaction new or existing customers would have to download the new union bank app. To download the app, visit your mobile app store and download the union bank app (ub mobile stallion)

After downloading the app the next step is to register the app.


For New Customers

  • Enter your account number
  • Use the one time password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone registered with the bank
  • Enter a new transaction pin (use a pin you can easily remember)
  • Enter your username and password (use characters you can easily remember).
  • Click on submit
  • Return to the homepage and enter your login details to confirm registration.


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For Existing Customers

  • Enter your username and password
  • Select a new pin
  • Enter a new transaction pin for confirmation
  • After confirmation click on continue
  • After pin change is successful, click on ok and return to homepage


Performing A Card Less Transaction

Customers of Union Bank can perform card less withdrawals at ATMs by generating a code to use at Atms that support card less transactions. You can send money to other customers or non customers of Union bank by using the option in the new Union Bank mobile App. Use the Atm locator service on the mobile app to find atms around you that supports card less transactions.

To perform a card less transaction simply

  • Login to the Union Bank Mobile App
  • Enter the name of the customer you wish to send money to and add the beneficiaries’ name, phone number and wait for acknowledgement from the bank.
  • Once the request have been accepted by the bank, you will receive a code on your phone which you will have to send to the beneficiary
  • The beneficiary will receive a code on their mobile phone
  • The beneficiary will have to visit the Atm that supports card less transaction and enter both the codes sent by the sender and the bank and complete by entering their mobile number for confirmation.
  • Once the Atm confirms the codes entered and the mobile number beneficiary will be paid the amount sent by the sender.



  • Card less transaction expires after 14 days if beneficiary does not withdraw the money and the money will be reversed to the senders account.
  • The beneficiary can also be the account holder who can perform the card less transaction if without their Atm cards and needs money on the go.


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