Smile Communications provides 4G LTE mobile broadband in several countries in Africa, including Nigeria.

Smile 4G LTE which was previously limited to only 4G LTE Mifi and routers, recently launched a 0702SMILE which would enable you use their SIM cards on 4G LTE enabled phones, to make phone calls and send SMS, amongst other things.


With your 0702Smile number you can now make voice calls and send SMS using your SmileData to any number in Nigeria and the world, from your mobile.


How To Subscribe To The Smile Voice Plan:

For New Subscribers:

You can get a Smile 4G LTE SuperValue STARTER PACK that comes with a SIM for just N1,000 only. You enjoy 30 days’ access to social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, BBM and WhatsApp) as well as internet browsing AND 30 mins + 30 SMS to any number (available on activation of the SmileVoice App).

You can order online for the Starter Pack through their website on: or call 0702 044 4444 or simply visit their stores.


NB: Smile Network Sim cards only on 4G LTE enabled phones or devices, which is also applicable to Smile Voice.


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For Existing Subscribers:

If you wish to use the Smile Voice plan on your phone without buying a new Smile sim, all you just need to do is to remove the Sim card you already have from any of the 4G LTE device you’re using e.g Mifi, Wi-Fi routers and more. But if you wish to buy a new sim, you’d have to use the same method as “New Subscribers”.

After inserting on your phone (which must support 4G LTE networks), you can automatically use the Smile Voice plan on your phone.


How Much It Cost To Subscribing To The Smile Voice Plan

The Smile Voice plan is a special bundle that costs N1,000 and it is valid for 90 Days (3 months). Before you can use this plan, you must have an active Smile Data plan on your sim, without it, you won’t be able to subscribe for this plan.


To recharge or subscribe for the Smile Voice Plan only, simply visit any of their stores, partner stores or recharge online through:


Call Rates

Enjoy the lowest local call rate, 8k/sec in Nigeria and when you travel abroad and call home you will pay the same low call rate of 8k/sec. At 8k/s, you enjoy over 200 mins voice calls, that’s over 3 hours of phone call.




  1. i created smile voice in my phone and i wanted to recharge, the sim card i used when i created bank have lost. because of OTP code, so how can you help me to recharge my smile voice. my email is

  2. How can I reverse the money I sent to a smile account customer in the process of recharging for him? Like instead of me sending 2000naira to the account to convert it to data I mistakenly sent 6000naira

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