UniPlus is a mobile app platform that incorporates the activities of an academic environment with the sole aim of improving knowledge assimilation and experience quality students life. This app is designed to contain the school administration, students, parents, visitors and lecturers. All having quality interaction like a community.


UniPlus app is built for schools in a such a way that students of each institution can download the same app but have different content the same interface especially when the students are from different institutions. This means each student can only interface with their institution details on the app.


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Features Of UniPlus App

There are a number of features that makes the UniPlus app great and worth using. Here are the features;

  1. It offers users news of the campus such as politics, sports, entertainment etc.
  2. It helps students to check their library and also communicate with their librarian. You can also check for the availability of a book here.
  3. It offers UniGist which is a platform for campus gist.
  4. It offers pictorial campus tour with descriptions.
  5. It offers student services by students can view results, timetables and other course update. Isn’t that great that your academic performance can be viewed on an app that incorporates lots of other fun filled activities.
  6. It offers UniPlus Extra, a platform where students can participate in competition and win prizes. Campus association can also interact with their members here.
  7. It also offers a social interactive platform called UniChat where students can chat with each other.
  8. The feature, My Uni offers information about the school, vision and mission.
  9. It offers a directory for campuses and important contacts on such campuses.
  10. It has UniMart feature which enable students to buy and sell things.
  11. It has event feature that enable students to search and get informed about student and alumni events.
  12. Building services feature helps the student to report any form damage done school facilities with pictures. The effective management of school facilities can only be done by both the students and the school management, that is why this feature is included.
  13. Alert is the feature that feed you with information right from your university, faculty, department and even course coordinators.



How To Download UniPlus App

The UniPlus app is built to function across different mobile device such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc. The app is available in the different app store. To download the app, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On your device, launch the app store you have on your device.
  2. In the search box, type the “UniPlus” and search
  3. From the search results, click on the app to install it.
  4. After successful installation, launch the app on your device
  5. Register and begin to use the app.


If you want to make enquiry or experience any form of difficulty while using the app, you may forward your email to info@uniplus.com.ng and you will get a response.


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