Imagine going to a bank to make certain queries about transaction or opening an account and you had to sit all day in front of the very busy customer care representatives telling you to wait after filling forms or doing what is required while they attend to other customers and pretend not to see you – as though you were invisible, and you kept on waiting and waiting.

If this has happened to you in the past or earlier, there’s no need to get frustrated anymore as Wema Bank has introduced what is called ALAT by Wema Bank. ALAT by Wema Bank is a one-stop and trendy functional digital banking system that allows you to easily create a stess-free account and perform transactions conveniently on your mobile phone. ALAT is the first fully digital bank. It saves time by keeping you out of the banking hall. This digital bank provides an end-to-end banking services through the app, and its features are compelling.


How to Download Wema Bank ALAT App

Wema Bank ALAT exist in application mode, and so, downloading and installing is needful to make use of ALAT. Hopefully, as it works or Iphones, it also works for android mobile phones too.

To download the app, search for ‘ALAT’ on Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store and download the app or go to to dowload. Once you install, you can sign up or register in just five minutes.


How To Register

Wema Bank has guaranteed registration in just 6 minutes from a mobile phone. registering with the Wema Bank ALAT takes no long process neither does it require a paperwork, unlike going to a bank to create an account and/or perform transactions. When registering, you will have to choose a card suitable for you from one of the card available card designs, and your debit card will be deliverd to you within two business days at anywhere in nigeria with no charges.

Requirements for opening an account are:

  • A photo for valid identification of a government approved ID
  • A recent photo of utility bill
  • Passport photograph
  • BVN and phone number.

After following the simple steps and requirements to register, your account will be fully activated.


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How To Use for Transactions

From recent reviews by customers, Wema Bank ALAT has provided excellent self services and made transactions easy. It is an effective tool for easier, faster and cheaper transactions as well as other business activities. With Wema Bank ALAT, while also growing your money wih saving goals, you also earn 10% interest on what you save.


Funding Accounts

Funding account is via Wema Bank current or savings account – especially if you are an existing Wema Bank customer or could be done via other local or foreign card from any bank. Direct cash deposit can also be done via any nearby Wema Bank branch.

To transfer money from an ATM Without a Card using the Wema Bank ALAT app, follow the procedures below;

  • Login to ALAT app
  • Click Send Money on the menu
  • Click ATM Cardless Transfer

Thereafter, fill in the necessary details and authenticate transfer with your PIN. To withdraw money, go to anycardless enabled ATM and follow these procedures:

  • Press Enter to clear the ATM screen
  • Selet Cashout Paycode
  • Enter the reference number and the cashout PIN
  • Enter the amount of money you like to withdraw.


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