Wema bank mobile app enables you to perform transactions with the aid of an internet-enabled device or computer.

The app allows you 24/7 access into your account via the screen of an internet-enabled device or computer from the comfort of your home rather than you going to the bank to make even the simplest of transactions.

This app is here to save you the time, stress and money. It is safe and secure, fast and convenient for users.

With this app you can perform transactions like:

  • Airtime top-up (buying of recharge cards)
  • Pay for subscriptions like GoTV, Startimes and DSTV subscriptions
  • Remita payment
  • Send money to someone’s phone
  • Check your balance
  • Get your account number (in case you forgot).


How To Register

It is very simple to register to enjoy all these amazing services the Wema mobile app has to render.

First you need to download the WemaMobile Banking Suite on your internet-enabled device or computer.

To Download the app:

  • Visit wemabank.com to get started
  • Click on e-banking and click on wemamobile
  • You are expected to click on WemaMobile Banking Suite
  • A page opens which shows the requirements for downloading
  • If you are an Andriod device user, you are required to click to download the android app, while iOS, blackberry and windows device users are expected to download the app for their respective devices.
  • Once you are done downloading the app, you are required to install it on your device.


Registration And Activation

After installation of the app on your device you are expected to register and activate it before you can make use of the app.

To do this all you simply need is your bank account number and the WemaMobile Banking Suite which you have already installed on your device.

Now once you are ready, you are expected to;

  • Launch the app
  • Update the mobile app
  • After updating go the app menu and click on the “SMS Banking” feature
  • Next generate your transaction pin.


Here is how to generate your transaction PIN:

  • Launch and update the WemaMobile Banking Suite app
  • Next, you are required to click the “SMS Banking feature on the app menu
  • Hit the Pin Services feature
  • Select and click on generate PIN
  • Next input your bank account number, new PIN and confirm PIN

Once this is done then you have successfully registered and activated your WemaMobile App..


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How To Buy Airtime And Perform Other Transactions On Wema Bank Mobile App

To buy airtime and perform other transactions, after registration and activation, you simply use the 945 codes.

Below are some examples of the code and how to use them. This can also be found on http://www.wemabank.com/e-banking/wemamobile/the-star945-life/

Note: The airtime you purchased will be credited to the phone number you used in registering with Wema Bank.


WEMA Mobile Transaction Codes

Buy Airtime                            *945*phone Number*amount#

Send Money                            *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#

Balance Enquiry                     *945*0#

Change PIN                            *945*00#

Account Reactivation            *945*5#

Send Money to phone/email *945*6*amount#

Receive/ redeem money        *945*7*confirmationnumber*amount#

Get  your Account Number  *945*000#

Open Account                        *945*1#

Change account number   *945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#

Cash-on-the-Go                     *945*8*amount#

Remita Payment                    *945*9*RRR#

Generate OTP                        *945*15#

DSTV Subscription                *945*16*smartcardnumber#

GoTV Subscription                *945*17*smartcardnumber#

Startimes Payments              *945*18*smartcardnumber*amount#

Card Control                           *945*11*last four digits of card pan number#

Pay-with-Mobile                    *945*12*amount#

Receive Western Union         *945*14*MTCN*amount#

EKO AND IKEJA DISCO      *945*19*metrenumber*amount#

Merchant Payment                *945*22*MERCHANTCODE*amount#

LCC PAYMENT                     *945*23*LCC account number*AMOUNT#

Smile Subscription Payments *945*20*idnumber#

Swift4GBroadband subscription *945*21*idnumber*amount#.


Thanks  to this app carrying out bank transactions no longer requires internet connection or your mobile data, its easy, safe and secure.

If you encounter any problems during installation or while making use of this app feel free  to talk about it in the comment box below.





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  2. Please I need an answer to my question

  3. Shame the mobile app can’t be used to bus airtime for a third party subscriber except via USSD. It’s a B!G SHAME!!!

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