Unity Bank is one of the Banks that came in the early millennium, to be precise in the year 2006. The Bank has since then find her stamina among the committee of Banks over the years. They have grown customer base as well as increased branches nationwide. Presently, they have well over 250 branches nationwide.


In a bid to satisfy her customers and to enhance faster transactions, Unity bank like every other bank has created a mobile transfer code. This mobile transfer code enables customer to carry out transactions from their account at the comfort of their home, office or even on the go without having to visit the bank or ATM spot. With this Unity Bank transfer code, you can carry out transaction at any time irrespective of whether or not it is during the business hours or days. The Unity Bank transfer code is *389*215#


What You Can Do With Unity Bank Transfer Code

There are a number transactions and things you can do with the Unity Bank Transfer Code which includes;

  1. Bills payment
  2. Inter and intra bank transfer
  3. Balance enquiry
  4. Airtime recharge for self and others
  5. Merchant payment
  6. BVN update


It is important to note that you must be an account holder with Unity Bank before dialling the code. If you are an account holder, once you dial the code you will be required to first link your account with the code. To do this, you need to dial the code on the registered mobile number with the account and follow the prompt. Ensure you secure a four digit PIN which you will henceforth use for your transactions.


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Benefits Of Unity Bank Transfer Code

  1. It offers secure and fast transaction
  2. Transactions can be authorized at any time and from anywhere
  3. It offers access to owned account at any time

4. It saves time and energy used in going to bank or ATM spot to carry out transaction.


Transactions With The Unity Code

After you must have registered your account on the code by linking your account with the transfer code on the registered mobile number with the account, then you can begin to carry out transactions at your convenience.

To carry out a transaction, simply the Unity transfer code and carefully follow the prompt to select the option that suite the transaction you want to carry out. When you have confirmed the transaction, authorize the transaction with your PIN and it is done.

If you experience any difficulty while linking your account or while making transactions, you may reach out the customer service via email through any of these email addresses we_care@unitybankng.com and customercare@unitybankng.com or via any of these mobile numbers +234 (0) 7080 666 000, +234 (0) 7057 323 226, +234 (0) 7057 323 227. You may also walk in to any Unity Bank close to you to resolve such issue.


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