Sending funds worldwide to family and friends has been made very easy with Western Union, there are many way anyone can send and receive money with different options that suit your needs. One of the conditions to use Western Union is that you must be at least 18 years of age to send and receive money worldwide.

Do you want to send money to a friend or a family member? If yes, here we will show you how to fill in the application form on the Western Union App.


You Can Start Sending Money In Few Minutes After Following These Steps

  • First, download the Western Union Mobile app on their website, or on Google play store and download it.
  • After downloading the mobile app, you have to install and open it on your device.
  • Create a profile account if you want to send your first money transfer with Western Union
  • Your WU Account will be activated after your transfer.


  1. Sign up or log in
  2. Choose “send money”
  3. Choose the destination and enter amount
  4. Choose how your receiver would like to get the money.

You must choose anyone of these:

  • Cash pick up
  • Direct to bank
  • Mobile money transfer

Depending on the country of the receiver, service availability may differ

  1. Fill in and select how you would like to pay
  • By credit or debit card
  • By bank account
  • By cash at a Western Union location


  1. Before you submit, make sure you review the transfer summary.


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After you must have done your first money transfer. It becomes extremely easy to send money again. Just login to your personal profile account and choose the person you want to send money to.  If you are transferring funds to the same person, then you can save the recipient details on your profile for easy transfer.


On the Western Union mobile app, you can add or delete a recipient’s details from your personal profile account anytime. You also have the opportunity to transfer the same money to that recipient later.



Tracking Your Money On Your Device

There are ways you can track your transfer on Western Union, but here are the two common ways you can do that;

  1. Through the mobile app: you can keep track of your money directly from your mobile phone. Just enter the tracking code or number (MTCN) into the Western Union app and check the transfer status.
  2. Track online: go to Western Union website to check the tracking page. You have to access the transfer tracking homepage to find out if the money you transferred went through;


  • Select if you are a sender or receiver of the transfer. The homepage will ask you whether you sent the money or you are receiving. Just click on the correct option.
  • Fill in the tracking number or the MTCN of the transfer as the page will request. If you are the receiver, the sender must have given you an MTCN.
  • The next question would be to select the receiver’s country and the mount of the transfer.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find a six character code with letters and numbers. This is the security code, just type it into the box below and click on track transfer.
  • Log into your personal profile account to check your transfer history. Having an account profile will enable you to find the entire transfer history for the past 90 days.


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