This is financial services and communications institution in America having headquarters at Meridian, Colorado. Several divisions exist with Western Union with products like person-to-person money transfer, business payments, money orders, and commercial services.

You can send money to almost anywhere in the world with Western Union. The company has over 500,000 Agent locations around the world in over 200 countries and territories, thousands of people trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide.



Sending And Receiving Funds On The Platform

To send funds, the sender finds the nearest Western union office and presents funds (plus transfer fees) for “money in minutes” or “next day” service. The sender is required to provide his or her name, address, recipients name and designated payment destination. A 10-digit  Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN) is provided by Western union to the sender who in turn must provide to the recipient. The recipient then moves to a Western union agent office in the designated payment location, presents the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number along with a photo ID as a means of identification.

In some destinations if the recipient lacks identification documents, a pre-arranged password is set up. Monies are always paid out in cash.


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If payments exceed cash on hand or the local maximum, a check is issued. As an alternative, the sender may forward funds to a recipient by phone or by using Western union’s website. In some countries, if the recipient has sufficient verification, the MTCN number won’t be needed. Transactions to some destinations may take some time or be subject to additional restrictions.

The transfer fees vary based on the senders location, the destination, the type of transfer, and whether the money is sent from a website or counter location.

If you need to send your money fast to any location in Nigeria, you can rely on Western Union. Your receiver picks up the money at any of Western Union’s participating Agent location in Nigeria. The money is always available for pickup within minutes.



Western Union Mobile

The rapid increase in the number of mobile phones in developed and developing countries provides a widely accessible consumer device with the ability of delivering mobile financial services from SMS notifications connected with Western Union cash delivery services to phone-based remittance options. Western Union’s mobile money transfer services connects its core money-transfer platform to m-bank or m-wallet platforms provided by mobile operators and/or locally regulated financial institutions.



Tracking A Transfer 

The tracking feature helps you to trace and know where your money is and get notified when your receiver picks it up. The following steps should guide you on how to track your transfers;

Go to the Western union’s official tracking site at

  1. Select either the “I am a sender” or “I am a receiver”, whichever is appropriate.
  2. Enter either the Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN) or the sender’s phone number
  3. Enter the receivers country in the appropriate column.
  4. Enter the amount and select the currency.
  5. Enter the security code for verification
  6. Track your transfer.


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