Etisalat is one of the biggest and famous telecommunication network and service provider. Etisalat have both affordable data plans and tarrif plans.

In this piece, I will like to share with you reliable etisalat N500 data bundle plans, their durations as well as the activation codes.

I will be looking at the N500 etisalat data plans with details capturing data allocation, validity period, and activation codes. These plans are usable on computers, mobile phones, ipad, iphones and tablets.


Etialat 500MB Monthly Data Plan

The 500MB data plan on etisalat network is valid for 30 days. It is most suitable for light browsers, that is, people who don’t really surf the internet all the time. With this data plan, you can access the internet services at any time of the day, that is both during the Day and Night time.

This mobile data plan is the best ideal plan for people who uses devices such as phones, tablets, playbooks etc who have a higher demand for data, especially, the Android Users.

It is worthy of note that this data plan offers you 500MB of data valid for 30 days at rate of 500 Naira only.

To Subscribe for the 500MB data plan on your etisalat line please dial *229*2*12# or you may simply navigate to your SMS menu and create an SMS containing “LCD2” and forward to 229. Please ensure you have sufficient airtime balance before you either dial the code or forward the SMS.


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1GB Weekend Data Plan

Based on reviews and from users experience the Etisalat 1GB Weekend data Plan happens to be the best for all mobile device users across board, and this includes those using the tablets, phones, playbooks etc. This is because these devices have a higher demand for data subscription.

From the name of this data plan, its evident that this plan offers you a total of 1GB worth of data for 30 Days which is at the rate 500 Naira only.

This data plan is accessible only during the weekends, that is, between 11:59pm on Friday night to 11:59pm on Sunday evening. Usage covers only on weekends, so if you have a busy schedule during the week, etisalat has got you covered.

To enjoy this data plan, you need to subscribe on an etisalat line by dialing *5995*2# . Please ensure you have sufficient airtime balance before dialing the subscription code.


Data Plans on etisalat are quite enjoyable with a fast internet speed offered by the network. This ensures you get the value for your money.

Also, the unused data can be rolled over to the next subscription if you renew the data at the expiry date. This is a great reason to be on etisalat network as far as data subscription is concerned.

In case you love to know about other data plans that are available on the etisalat network. Please dial *200# and follow the prompt to select data plans or you may call their customer service on 200 via an etisalat line or visit etisalat branch close to you. You may as well visit their official website to read or chat with live agent.


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