Today, data is becoming very necessary for ease of internet connectivity and even more cheaper. This is because there are lots of internet service providers and the competition to remain Afloat and desirable is immense. In this review, we shall today, data is becoming more cheaper every now and then. This is because there are lots of internet service provider (ISP) now and everyone is trying to catch your attention. In this review, we shall discuss the data volume that N500 can now buy especially on 9mobile and how long you can enjoy it. Getting data bundles for a cheap price on different internet service provider was extremely difficult before now but 9mobile is here to cover the gaps.

9mobile ,formerly known as Etisalat, have always been in the fore fronts of cheap fast data in Nigeria . But most users would agree with me that Etisalat’s internet connection is probably more reliable than other mobile network providers in most locations across Nigeria.



How To Opt In The 9mobile Weekend Plan

With the introduction of the Weekend plan ,they did what other network providers didn’t seem fit to venture into. The 9mobile Weekend plan allows for consumers to subscribe and be able to browse ,make internet calls ,video chats, downloads and many more under a stipulated time which is marked for the weekend which begins at a specific time on Friday and exhausts by Sunday also at a specific time. It’s Validity period is from friday 11:59pm – sunday 11:59pm.


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The Data plan can be activated anytime within the week for can’t be used until the weekend and at the stipulated time which is from 11.59pm on Friday. The price of the Weekend plan is 500 and this plan allocates you 1GB of data to be used within the time frame. To activate this plan ,dial *5995*2# and you will be welcomed to the weekend plan.



Benefits Of The Weekend Plan

The beauty of these plan is that you are not limited on the type of device to use it on .It can be used  on any device (mobile, laptop, desktop etc). You can use it on your modem, its all well. You don’t need to do the regular pricey monthly plan that may lead to a wastage due to your busy schedule. You can simply move all your internet activity to weekend. Also, if you ask me, I think its a fair bargain considering the data volume, validity and price.

Another benefit of the 9mobile weekend plan is the fact that users have testified to it’s blazing fast speed . Many users say the plan loads pages faster than normal monthly plan and also the like the fact the plan is spontaneous and organized for the weekends when they have ample time to organise their downloads and work related documents from the web.

The 9mobile weekend Plan seem to be arguably the best weekend data plan alongside the Airtel Weekend plan you can get presently and I believe you have gotten all the information you need from this post.


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