Today in Nigeria, we are witnessing the fully rebranded etisalat as 9mobile. 9mobile has taken wheels over the telecommunications industry with great tariff plans with so much advantageous call rates. So, if you are seeking affordable call rates, you may need to read this article to the end.


The available tariff plans are 9Mobile More Talk, 9Mobile More Flex Evolution, 9Mobile More Cliq, 9mobile Talk Zone, 9Mobile More Flex, 9Mobile Cliq Lite, 9Mobile More Life, 9Mobile Super Bonus, 9Mobile More Cliq Break Free and  9Mobile More Busines.  Specifically, we shall look into two of these great tariff plans which are 9mobile more click  and 9mobile more flex.


9mobile More Click 

This is a great tariff plan similar to the previous etisalat easy cliq. The call rates are 20k/secs to 9mobile numbers while 40k/secs to other network numbers.



Upon the use of N25, you call rate for that day will change to 20k/secs to 9mobile numbers and 30k/secs to other network numbers while more cliq to more cliq numbers is at 15k/secs. You also have the opportunity to make free midnight calls between 12:30 am to 4:30 am. Every time you recharge N200, you will get 15MB worth of data. These are great rewards for using the 9mobile More Click tariff plan. How about trying it out on your 9mobile line now?



To migrate to 9mobile More Click, please dial *244*1# and enjoy how great call rates can be from here.


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9Mobile More Flex

This is another awesome tariff plan worth checking out from amidst the 9mobile tariff plans. With this tariff plan, you will get more airtime to make calls, data to browse as well as incoming call minutes when roaming. For instance, when you recharge N300, you will get N900 airtime with 50MB of data. Isn’t that remarkable?  This plan is similar to the previous etisalat easy flex.



There are a number of benefits attached to this tariff plan. These include a 300% bonus airtime on easy flex 300, 500 and 1000; 150% airtime bonus on flex 2000 and 5000 and over 300% on flex 4000, 10,000 and 20,000. These bonuses are with bonus data of varying amounts depending on the flex purchased. When you buy flex 2000 and 5000 twice, you will be given one for free. Also, when you buy flex 5000, you will get free incoming calls while roaming in some countries on certain networks which are  US (T-mobile),  Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Netherlands (KPN), UK (Vodafone), UAE (etisalat) and South Africa (Vodacom).



For each of these flex bundles, there are different migration codes. Below is the migration code for each:

*344*300# for N300

*344*500# for N500

*344*1000# for N1000

*344*2000# for N2000

*344*4000# for N4000

*344*5000# for N5000

*344*10000# for N10000

*344*20000# for N20000


Simply recharge the amount you want to buy the flex bundle, and dial the appropriate code. You will get both data and airtime bonuses.


If you need any more clarification on these tariff plans, kindly call the customer service on 200 and someone will be available to respond to you. You can as well, lets know your point of view on these tariff plans.


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