Dstv Extra View: How To Subscribe And Prices On Various Packages

The Digital Satellite Television fondly called DStv is a major television service across Africa. It is MultiChoice’s digital satellite TV service covering African countries which include Ghana, Angola, Tanzania, Mauritius, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda.


The television service offers movies, sport, documentaries, lifestyle, music, children, news, culture, religion, entertainment  and consumer channels. DStv has over 9 million subscribers in Africa with Nigeria and South Africa as her major subscribers.


DStv over the years has always seek ways to improve the customer satisfaction and retention. This has made them to launch several decoders and more television channels. To this end, DStv has come to launch a product to end the remote control struggle in homes when everyone wants to watch different channels of interest. With Dstv extra view, all that will be over.


Dstv extra view offers the ultimate flexibility and allows customers to link up to three decoders under the same subscription. With Dstv extra view, you will still pay one subscription fee but with an R85 Access Fee for each XtraView decoder. This means the children can watch cartoon while the adult watch movies and parents watch news at the same time. So everyone is kept happy.


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Decoders Linked

You can link two or three decoders. When you link three, an additional charge will be required. For two decoders to be linked, there are a combination of 11 series single view decoders, Single View DStv HD Decoder, HD PVRs (all models), SD PVR and the DStv Explora.

The decoders that can be linked for three decoders are a combination of the DStv Explora with Single View DStv HD Decoder. DStv Explora must be the primary decoder.

Irrespective of the Dstv extra view you want to set up whether two or three decoders linking, it is advised that you make use of an accredited DStv installer. This is in your own best interest.



The set up price for DStv is not more than N45,000 depending on your location and who is installing for you. This price covers the satellite dish, DStv decoder, cables, installation charges and 3 months subscription charge.

There are a number of packages available on the DStv which include:


DStv Access which is a combination of both local and international television stations. Over 45 TV channels at the rate of N1900 per month.

DStv Family, cost N3800 per month. It covers more stations, over 55 channels that will really take care of your family.


DStv Compact Plus, this offers more channels than compact package with sport channels. It cost N9,900 per month.


DStv Premium, this package gives you access to all DStv channels at the rate of N14700 per month. This is really the world brought into your home.

For further enquiry, please forward an email of enquiry to dstv@nigeria.multichoice.co.za or dstv@mwebnigeria.com or call these toll free numbers 09090630333 (9mobile), 07080630333 (Airtel), 08113630333 (Glo) and 08149860333 (MTN).


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    Am using premium + extra and I want to price for month subscription.

    1. // Reply

      The Premium Package is currently N14,700, extra view attracts additional cost which is usually around 2,500 and 3,000 Naira.

  2. // Reply

    Pls how much is extra view for 3,800 and 6,300

  3. // Reply

    Hello admin pls I need urgent reply

    Kindly update my account I just make a payment on my account and I found out that is not reflecting

  4. // Reply

    What is the price for DStv Access + extra view

    1. // Reply

      The price for Dstv Access is 1,900 plus N300 for extra view. But from 1st of August 2018 would be increased.

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    Please how much is dstv compact plus extra view

  6. // Reply

    How much is family extra view now? I have been trying to pay on quick teller which displayed ₦6200 yet it didn’t go

  7. // Reply

    please can I get an accredited dealers number in Ghana? it’s urgent
    I’m using an extra view of two decoders but the other decoder stopped working, what should I do

  8. // Reply

    Is the new channel star life (167) available on family ?

  9. // Reply

    Can I upgrade my dstv subscription when the initial subscription is still on? Pls it urgent

    1. // Reply

      Yes you can upgrade your subscription. What you have left will be calculated and would be added to the new plan.

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    Please how much to upgrade from compact view to compact plus with extra view, it’s urgent, my subscription is about to finish so that I will know what to do now. Thank you for your concern

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    Pls how much is extraview compact plus as at now this September 2018, 2 decoders

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    Please Is there Access Bouquet with extra view? If yes how much is it?
    I had paid N6000 for Family Extra View but I was told it is now N6200. So I request you convert me to Access with Extra view if the N6000 can cover it for two months.

    1. // Reply

      Sorry for responding late, i am not sure N6000 covers the period of 2 months plus extra view for access bouquet.
      Kindly contact the customer care for further assistance.

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    What is the cost for compact plus extra view

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    Hello, I subscribe my dstv with extra view “compact plus” for over 2 hours and it hasn’t come up. what could be the problem? does it usually take this long? Thanks as i await a reply.

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    I want to buy the decoder some where can I allocate it and the price for extra view

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