Access Bank persona is a unique customization service that gives you the liberty to personalize specified Debit cards with an image of your choice selected from the bank’s gallery. The card personalization service include the upload of any image of your choice to Access Bank gallery.


A card with either an Uploaded image or Gallery image is called a personalized card.


Who Is Eligible For A Personalized Card

  1. To be eligible, all Interested customers must have an Access Bank PLC Naira denominated savings or current card.
  2. Customers must be 18 and above to add an uploaded image
  3. You can choose an image from exist images in the Bank’s gallery or upload your own image to the gallery.
  4. The personalization service is available for individual accounts at present.


How To Get A Personalized Card

  1. Visit the website at and follow the onscreen instructions to personalize your card.
  2. Select an image either from Access Bank Online gallery or upload an image of your own if it meets the image guidelines.
  3. You will receive an email within 48 hours informing you that your card has been created if the card design has been approved or declined if the card image contravenes specified image guidelines.
  4. The cost of acquiring a personalized card is #1000 while the processing fee costs an additional #500.
  5. Card processing requests and delivery will be treated within 5 business days.
  6. For now, only verve debit cards (Savings and current account) can be personalized. Other cards are still been worked on


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Image Guidelines For Personalization

  1. Image selected must not contain any one of the following: images or text protected by copyright e.g ©,®,™ signs, slogans, tag lines, branding, marketing or promotional products, services or images of companies, images or nicknames of celebrities, musicians, entertainers, public figures or any other famous person or persons.
  2. Image must not contain contact information like phone numbers, URLs, email address etc.
  3. Image must not promote provocative, lewd or sexual images, nudity or offensive material promoting death, violence, profanity, cruelty, obscenity, weapons, ammunition etc.
  4. Text must be in English only
  5. Any image that might reflect poorly towards company brands (Access Bank), reference to any bank, building, society or other monetary institution will be declined.
  6. Image to be used must be at least 420*420 pixels and no more than 10MB in size. Acceptable formats are Jpeg, Jpg,Png,Bitmap and TIFF.
  7. Texts or image pertaining to politics or political affiliation, slogans or symbols will be declined.


Benefits Of  Access Bank Persona

  1. You get to choose what image you want on your card
  2. Personalization of card does not change its functionality.
  3. You can change the image on the card at any time you want.
  4. This unique personalization service helps you save and share special moments and memories.
  5. You also get the chance to see what your personalized card will look like after you make a request for the card and before you get the card. Thus, you can choose to proceed with the personalization or decline.


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