Access Bank customers don’t have to walk to the bank to carry out some transactions any longer. The bank has provided Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards for transactions. Making an online payment using an access bank ATM is very convenient.

Access bank has a diversity of card products which suits a variety of demographics. Currently, they have cards suitable for individual and corporate customers, under various card schemes.


Access Bank Debit Card (Verve)

This allows the holder to make payments directly from an account. It is strictly for local transactions alone.


Access Bank Credit Card (Visa)

This is a dual-currency denominated payment card that allows the holder to spend and make transactions in Naira for local transactions while international transactions are billed and paid in US dollars.


Access Bank Prepaid Cards

This is a multi-currency reloadable payment card used for transactions on multiple channels. The card is available in four currencies; Nigerian Naira, US Dollars, Euro and Great British Pounds. This card is accepted Globally.

Access Bank Cards have multi-Channel Usage functionality that allows a holder to make transactions anywhere on the globe at Point of Sales (POS) terminals, ATMs as well as online transactions. From Debit card, Credit or Prepaid card. From Visa, MasterCard or verve, there are bouquet of card types to suit each customer’s needs. There is no need to pay an ATM fee with the ACCESSbank  Debit card. You get free ATM coverage nationwide. Furthermore, access bank refunds every ATM fees charged by other banks. So, say goodbye to worrying about finding another ATM or paying charges again.


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With Access Bank Cards, You Have The Ability To;

  • Pay for every type of purchase, quickly and easily
  • Improve your money management through transaction history and balances
  • Identify potential fraudulent activity on your card through visa purchase alerts. You can set notifications specific to your needs.

These include;

⁃ International purchases

⁃ Transactions made on the Internet or over the phone

⁃ Purchase amount threshold



Getting An ATM Card

To begin with, the card must be activated. Just follow these steps:

  1. Request for your ATM card from the access bank branch closest to you. You will get the card through mail. You will also receive a separate document containing a temporary PIN number.
  2. Ensure that the card you received is exactly what you ordered or requested for. Check for the expiry date. If its approaching soon contact your bank immediately. Sign the back of the card. Should this be a replacement debit or credit card, or a temporary card, it is advisable to destroy the previous card. This helps to protect your identity and information.



Activating Your Card

There are various ways to do this:

  • Proceed to an automated teller machine at an access bank branch. Slot in your card, enter the PIN and follow the instructions on the screen. Your card will be automatically activated.
  • Alternatively, you can call the support service. Call access bank customer service on 01 280 2500 and provide all the required information, could be your bank details or security code of your card.
  • Log on to your online account and find the activating button.
  • Go to your any access bank branch and ask the attendant to activate your card.
  • You could also make a purchase to activate your card. Use your card in some store or make an online purchase.

Any of these methods will get your card activated. Just find the one most convenient for you.


Now you have the freedom to make transactions and payments anywhere you go.


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