Credit Direct Limited is a financial non-banking company established in 2007. The company is headquartered in Lagos but presently operates in 25 states in Nigeria including The Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Credit Direct is focused on providing Payroll based consumer loans to eligible individuals. The organization has a plan and is dedicated to positioning itself to become one of the dominant market leader in the unsecured micro- lending space in Nigeria.


Types Of Loans With Credit Direct

  1. Sharp Sharp Loan

This is a loan designed to meet the financial needs of civil servants with very little documentation. The loan is considered the most convenient and cheapest in Nigeria with a customer base of over 170,000 satisfied customers. The loan is mostly disbursed within 24 hours to salaried workers and none salaried entrepreneurs upon submission of complete documentation. The loan tenor ranges between one-twelve months and can be disbursed either through direct credit to the customer’s bank account or through credit direct loan credit card.

-Requirements: Valid means of identification (Driver’s license/National ID card/International passport), completed loan agreement form attached to a passport photograph, introduction letter from employer and Employment/confirmation letter, work ID card and bank statements/pay slip, Guarantor submissions, proof of residence (utility bill), proof of earnings (pay slip) and post dated cheques.


Repayment Schedule:

This is between one- twelve months.


How To Apply For This Loan

You can apply for this loan by visiting any CDL offices nearest to you or apply online via the website at


  1. Cash To Go Loans

This is a low pricing quick loan product designed for professionals. It is fast  and has a convenient repayment period. The loan provides excellent customer service, does not require guarantor, no need to open a new account, no need to join long queues at the bank and best of all a flexible repayment plan.



One passport photograph, staff ID card, Employment letter and last salary review letter, Valid means of identification, 3 months stamped bank statement that is up to date, Pension Statement (For current account holders), BVN and lastly a Postdated cheque covering the loan tenor.


Repayment Plan:

It is repayed within twelve months

How To Apply

You can apply for the loan by visiting any CDL offices in your state or apply online via the website at


  1. Quick Asset Finance Loan

This is widely regarded as a unique asset loan designed to finance income generating assets such as ice-makers, grinding machines and household equipment. The loan tenors are available at 3,6,9 and 12 months and the assets could be picked up within 24hours of submission of complete documentation. The loan product is open to both private and public sector organizations.



Letter of introduction, Appointment letter,CDL introduction letter, Confirmation letter, Staff ID card or any other Valid means of identification and the completed loan agreement form and attached passport photograph


Repayment Plan:

Can be repayed starting from 3-12 months.


How to Apply. You can apply by visiting any of CDL offices nearest to you or apply online via the website at


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  1. Empower The Corps Loan

This is a loan designed for serving corps members to obtain unsecured loans during their service year for varied purposes. They could use the loan to finance small businesses, gain a professional certification, buy goods or lifestyle products and settle urgent cash needs.

The loan is easy, convenient and affordable and the packages are suited to carter for the needs of NYSC members in need of startup capital. It is unique because no extra charges or fees are charged, no need for collateral or guarantors and reduced documentation since validation of customer is done in partnership with NYSC. The loan also offers free life and hospitalization insurance cover all through the loan period.



Photo of NYSC ID card, Photo of attestation letter from SAED, Photo of corps member’s face, Photo of corps member in full NYSC regalia, Photo of corps member’s valid ATM card linked to NYSC account, Photo of completed letter of undertaking clearly signed and dated by corps member

Repayment Plan:

The loan can be repaid throughout the loan period.


How To Apply:

Visit any of CDL offices nearest to you or apply inline via the website at


Eligibility Criteria For Loan Application

  1. You must be between 22-58 years old
  2. You must have a valid account (Savings/current) with any commercial bank in Nigeria
  3. You must live and or work in Lagos state
  4. You must have a verifiable monthly income
  5. You must have a clean credit Bureau Report
  6. No history of returned cheques in your account
  7. You must have all of the following documents: Salary bank statement for the last three months stamped by the bank, NUBAN cheque leaves, staff ID card, Pension statement, Letter of Employment/Promotion/Confirmation, Redeployment, Salary Increase or Introduction letter from Employer’s HR to CDL, Valid means of identification.


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