If Perchance your Airtel SIM was stolen/lost or damaged and you want to replace it, you need not worry unnecessary as this post is written to enlighten you on how to go about the process easily and without hassle. You can replace you SIM online and offline through a series of different methods, you just read on to find out more.



Option 1

Dial #132# to confirm if the SIM was registered under your NIC If your number has not been registered then you may need to register it before you can proceed to the next step. After confirming your number registration, you can then go to the nearest Airtel retail shop and request for a SIM change.


You will be asked to provide the following information: Mobile Number, NIC number and full names. The SIM change will be done under 1 hour.



Option 2

Visit the nearest Airtel shop with your NIC, walk up to any of the agents and tell them what you want to do and it will be done for you within minutes.



Option 3

First you will need to buy a new Airtel SIM pack, you will also need to search and find the SIM pack of the old line. You can then send an SMS to 190 containing the following details: Full names, contact phone number, mobile number you want to welcome back, serial number of old SIM, serial number of new SIM, PUK number of old SIM, PUK number of new SIM<and mobile number of the new SIM. Ensure you provide an alternative phone number so that you can be contacted on any new development.


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Option 4

You will first need to block the Airtel number you are currently using then you should visit the nearest Airtel office and ask to get a duplicate SIM. Provide the following information: Home address, two passport photographs and the fee for the SIM you want to replace.

You SIM Replacement will be done and activated within 4-5 hours and you can start using it straight away. Note that any remaining balance from your old line will be forwarded to the new line by Airtel.



Option 5

Visit the Airtel portal online at http://www.airtelng.selfservicemenu.com to create an account on the portal. The next step is to get a new prepaid Airtel SIM and register it inline or via USSD then sign into your new account and click on “SIM Swap” link.


Fill the form with the necessary details such as Amount recharged when last used, three frequently called numbers, and how long ago you recharged the line that you want to replace. Submit the form and wait for your request to be processed, the old line will be blocked by Airtel and you can start using the new line within 24 hours.



Benefits Of SIM Replacement Or SIM Swap

  1. Even if you change your phone or line, you still get to keep the same number
  2. If you back up your old contacts before the SIM was damaged, you can still some back at very little cost
  3. You get to keep in touch with friends and family without worry.


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