Peradventure you lost your mobile phone or perhaps it was stolen or damaged and somehow you find yourself in the position of wanting to retrieve your mobile number because you don’t want to lose people’s contacts, well this write up is to help you do just that easily, conveniently and without hassle.



How To Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen MTN Line

  1. Search for the old sim pack that was stolen but if you can’t find it then simply get a piece of paper and get down these details: your full names, lost/stolen/damAged phone no, address, occupation, gender, the last amount you recharged, five numbers you often call, all the numbers on your friends and family list or some of the number son your friends and family list if you can’t remember all the numbers and the sum of #500 for the SIM repalcement
  2. Go to the nearest MTN office close to you along with the paper and money. You will be asked some questions and then given a new sim and #500 recharge card. You will be charged #500 for this
  3. You can also retrieve it online by visiting the website at http://www.mtnonline,com/index.php/welcomeback.html
  4. Fill the SIM retrieve form with the following details: Title, full names, email address, birthday,alternative number for contact, information on old line such as was it stolen/lost/damaged?, phone number of the lost/stolen/damaged line, last amount recharged, three phone numbers you often call and your full phone number.


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How To Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen/Damaged Glo Line

  1. Photocopy your original National or Student ID card/Driver’s license/International Passport/employee ID card etc. The ID card must bear a clear and legible picture of the bearer
  2. Proof of ownership of the old line either Sworn affidavit/police report/SIM certificate/Glomobile invoice for last 3 months/Receipt of SIM purchase etc
  3. Go to the nearest Glo office with the following documents and pay the sum of #100 for the SIM replacement
  4. You can also download the SIM replacemet form from the official website



How To Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen/Damaged Airtel Line

  1. Visit the Airtel self service portal and register an account on the portal
  2. Get a new Airtel line and Register it then sign in and click on the “SIM swap” button
  3. Fill the form with the correct answers and details such as last amount recharged, three frequently called numbers and how long you last recharged the lost or damaged SIM then submit
  4. After sumitting, the old SIM will be blocked and you can start using the new SIM with the old SIM’s number



How To Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen/Damaged 9Mobile Line

  1. You would need the following: a new 9mobile SIM, Phone number of the old SIM, three numbers you often call, alternative number for contact,serial no of the new line, phone number of the new line, email address, full names and your date of birth.
  2. Visit the nearest 9mobile office or the website and answer the questions in the form correctly then submit
  3. Wait for 24 hours then insert the new line into your phone and start using it.



  1. Pls what is Etisalat website

  2. Pls can my Airtel be retrieved? Because I didnt use my name to register it but my picture is there…I never knew the sim will be very important to me until I lost it.

  3. I lost my sim but if I call its going any idea of tracing it?

  4. prince Christian

    please my airtel sim was stolen so ah need to retrieve it but they are asking for national Id card and affidavit and ah don’t have national I’d card.

    1. Sorry, those are the new NCC requirements for SIM swap or replacement in a case where you don’t have the SIM pack. Apologies for the inconveniences.

  5. Hi admin, I ve the national id buh I don’t ve the sim pack of the lost sim….

    1. Sorry but you would need a court affidavit to retrieve your line. That is the new NCC requirement.

  6. Hello admin I have all the required how can I retrieve my 9mobile online

    1. Please visit any 9mobile shop closest to you.

  7. Etuk wilson christopher

    I want to retrieve my damage 9mobile CUG sim card

    1. Please visit the nearest 9mobile store to you

  8. Can I do all this online admin because my sim was stolen, I have a new one so can I just automatically retrieve it online.

  9. My sim was blocked what should I do

  10. Can I retrieve line for someone with the neccesary information

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